Errors and Omissions

The Department’s  Procedure Number 375-020-010 (updated January 2022) prescribes the process to identify and investigate Errors and Omissions by Design consultants and CEI consultants. A companion Errors & Omissions Guidelines and Forms document contains additional details to assist with using the procedure.  A brief overview training of the procedure can be found in the 2021 Symposium Webinar Series  E&O Webinar Recording. Also, the E&O Training provided for the 2021 Construction Academy webinar series can be found here.

Districts track resolution of E&O issues using the Resolution Tracking Module (RTM) of ProjectSuite Enterprise Edition (PSEE), which is an internal FDOT application. Districts also have Errors and Omissions Liaison Contacts to assist project managers with E&O issues. See the list below.

Errors and Omissions Liaisons

District ContactTelephone
COBrad Bradley850-414-4295
1 Sean Pugh239-225-1925
2 Belqis Majboor 386-961-7444
3 John Whittington850-330-1425
4Bing Wang 954-777-4406
5 Naziru Isaac 386-943-5547
6 Auraliz Benitez (Lola)305-470-5471
7 Megan Miller813-975-4854
Turnpike Ashraf Elmaghraby