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Original Review Package = Origination Form, Red Lines, and Draft Implementation.
Response Package = Comments, Responses to Comments, and Draft Implementation (as needed).
N/C = No Comments were received during review.
Original Review Package  Index TitleInternal Comments ResponseIndustry   Comments   ResponseFHWA Approval
SummaryTTC Changes Summary- -- -- -
Draft Spec.Section 102 Maintenance of Traffic - Draft Specification- -- -- -
102-100Temporary BarrierN/CResponse PackageApproved
102-600General Information for Traffic Control Through Work ZonesResponse PackageResponse PackageApproved
102-601Two-Lane, Two-Way, Work Outside ShoulderResponse PackageN/CApproved
102-602Two-Lane, Two-Way, Work on ShoulderResponse PackageResponse PackageApproved
102-603Two-Lane, Two-Way, Work Within the Travel WayResponse PackageResponse PackageApproved
102-604Two-Lane, Two-Way, Work in IntersectionResponse PackageResponse PackageApproved
102-605Two-Lane, Two-Way, Work Near Intersection - See Index 102-604N/CN/C- -
102-606Two-Lane, Two-Way, Work Within the Travel Way-Signal ControlResponse PackageResponse PackageApproved

Two-Lane, Two-Way, Mobile Operation, Work on Shoulder,                              Work Within the Travel Way

Response PackageResponse PackageApproved
102-608Two-Lane, Two-Way, Temporary Diversion ConnectionResponse PackageResponse PackageApproved
102-611Multilane, Work Outside Shoulder - See Index 102-601N/CN/C- -
102-612Multilane, Work on Shoulder - See Index 102-602N/CN/C- -
102-613Multilane, Work Within the Travel Way - Median or Outside LaneResponse PackageResponse PackageApproved
102-614Multilane, Work Within the Travel Way - Center Lane - See Index 102-613N/CN/C- -
102-615Multilane, Work in IntersectionResponse PackageResponse PackageApproved
102-616Multilane, Work Near Intersection - Median or Outside Lane - See Index 102-615N/CN/C- -
102-617Multilane, Work in Intersection - Center Lane - Index 102-615N/CN/C- -

Multilane, Work in Intersection - Two Lanes Closed - 45 mph or less - See Index 102-615

N/CN/C- -
102-619Multilane, Mobile Operations, Work on Shoulder, Work Within the Travel Way - See Index 102-607N/CN/C- -
102-620Multilane, Divided, Temporary Diversion ConnectionResponse PackageN/CApproved
102-621Multilane, Undivided, Temporary Diversion Connection - See Index 102-620N/CN/C- -
102-623Multilane, Work Within the Travel Way Double Lane Closure - See Index 102-613N/CN/C- -
102-625Temporary Road Closure - 5 Minutes or Less Response PackageResponse PackageApproved
102-628Two-Way Left Turn Lane ClosureResponse PackageResponse PackageApproved
102-630Crossover for Paving Train Operations, Rural - DELETEDN/CN/C- -
102-631Temporary Crossover - DELETEDN/CN/C- -
102-640Converting Two-Lanes to Four-Lanes Divided, Rural - DELETEDN/CN/C- -
102-641Converting Two-Lanes to Four-Lanes Divided, Urban - DELETEDN/CN/C- -
102-642Transitions for Temporary Concrete Barrier on Freeway Facilities - See Index 102-100N/CN/C- -
102-650Two-Lane, Two-Way Rural Structure Replacement - DELETEDN/CN/C- -
102-651Multilane, Divided, Maintenance and Construction - DELETEDN/CN/C- -
102-655Traffic Pacing Response PackageResponse PackageApproved
102-660Pedestrian Control for Closure of SidewalksResponse PackageResponse PackageApproved
102-661Bicycle Lane Closures - (NEW)Response PackageResponse PackageApproved
102-665Limited Access, Temporary OpeningResponse PackageResponse PackageApproved
102-667Toll Plaza, Traffic Control Standards - DELETEDN/CN/C- -
102-670Motorist Awareness System - See Index 102-613N/CN/C- -
102-680Haul Road Crossing - (NEW)Response PackageResponse PackageApproved
Draft Spec.Section 425 Inlets, Manholes, and Junction Boxes- -- -- -
425-001Supplementary Details for Manholes and InletsResponse PackageN/CApproved
425-010Structure Bottoms - Type J and PResponse PackageResponse PackageApproved
425-020Curb Inlet Tops Types 1, 2, 3, and 4N/CResponse PackageApproved
425-021Curb Inlet Tops - Types 5 and 6N/CResponse PackageApproved
425-022Curb Inlet - Type 7N/CN/CApproved
425-023Curb Inlet - Type 8N/CN/CApproved
425-024Curb Inlet Top - Type 9N/CN/CApproved
425-025Curb Inlet Top - Type 10N/CN/CApproved
425-030Median Barrier Inlets Types 1 and 2N/CN/CApproved
425-031Adjacent Barrier InletResponse PackageResponse PackageApproved
425-032Curb and Gutter Barrier InletN/CN/CApproved
425-040Gutter Inlet - Type SResponse PackageN/CApproved
425-041Gutter Inlet - Type VResponse PackageResponse PackageApproved
425-050Ditch Bottom Inlets - Type AResponse PackageN/CApproved
425-051Ditch Bottom Inlet - Type BResponse PackageN/CApproved
425-052Ditch Bottom Inlets - Types C, D, E and HResponse PackageN/CApproved
425-053Ditch Bottom Inlets - Types F and GResponse PackageN/CApproved
425-054Ditch Bottom Inlets - Type JResponse PackageN/CApproved
425-055Ditch Bottom Inlets Type KResponse PackageN/CApproved
425-060Back of Sidewalk DrainageResponse PackageResponse PackageApproved
425-061Closed Flume InletN/CN/CApproved
425-070Skimmer for Outlet Control StructuresN/CN/CApproved
425-080Utility Conflicts thru Drainage StructuresN/CN/CApproved
425-090Safety Modifications for Inlets In Box CulvertsN/CN/CApproved
 Roadway Miscellaneous    
000-511Superelevation Transitions - Low Speed RoadwaysResponse PackageN/CApproved
430-001Miscellaneous Drainage DetailsResponse PackageResponse PackageApproved
430-022Side Drain Mitered End SectionN/CN/CApproved
509-070Railroad Grade Crossing Traffic Control DevicesN/CN/CApproved
509-100Advance Warning for R/R CrossingN/CN/CApproved
515-070Pipe Guiderail (Aluminum)N/CN/CApproved
515-080Pipe Guiderail (Steel)N/CN/CApproved
520-001Curb and GutterResponse PackageN/CApproved
521-001Concrete BarrierN/CN/CApproved
522-002Detectable Warnings and Sidewalk Curb RampsN/CResponse PackageApproved
536-002Guardrail Transitions and Connections for Existing BridgesN/CN/CApproved
550-001Fence - Type AN/CN/CN/CN/CN/CN/CN/CN/CN/CN/CN/CN/CApproved
634-001Signal Cable and Span Wire Installation DetailsN/CN/CApproved
639-002Electric Power ServicesN/CN/CApproved
641-010Concrete PolesN/CN/CApproved
641-020Concrete CCTV PoleN/CResponse PackageApproved
646-001Aluminum Post and Pedestal Mounted Pedestrian Detectors and Signals (NEW)Response PackageResponse PackageApproved
649-020Steel CCTV PoleN/CN/CApproved
649-030Standard Mast Arm AssembliesN/CResponse PackageApproved
649-031Mast Arm AssembliesN/CN/CApproved
653-001Pedestrian Control Signal Installation DetailsN/CN/CApproved
665-001Pedestrian Detector Assembly Installation DetailsN/CN/CApproved
700-010Single Column Ground SignsN/CResponse PackageApproved
700-011Single Column Cantilever Ground Mounted SignN/CN/CApproved
700-020Multi-Column Ground SignN/CN/CApproved
700-030Wind and Hanger Beams for Overhead SignsN/CN/CApproved
700-040Cantilever Sign StructureN/CN/CApproved
700-041Span Sign StructureN/CN/CApproved
700-090Dynamic Message Sign Walk-InN/CN/CApproved
700-102Special Sign DetailsResponse PackageResponse PackageApproved
700-106Rural Narrow Bridge TreatmentN/CN/CApproved
700-109Traffic Controls for Street TerminationsResponse PackageN/CApproved
700-110Mounting Exit Number Panels to SignsN/CN/CApproved
700-120Enhanced Highway Signing AssembliesN/CN/CApproved
711-001Pavement MarkingsResponse PackageResponse PackageApproved
711-003Interchange MarkingsN/CN/CApproved
715-001Conventional LightingResponse PackageResponse PackageApproved
715-002Standard Aluminum LightingN/CN/CApproved
715-010High Mast Light PoleResponse PackageN/CApproved
 Structures Miscellaneous   
102-200Temporary Acrow 300 Series Detour Bridge General Notes & DetailsN/CN/CApproved
102-201Temporary Acrow 700XS Series Detour Bridge General Notes & Details (NEW)N/CResponse PackageApproved
400-010Cantilever Retaining Wall (C-I-P)N/CN/CApproved
415-001Bar Bending Details (Steel)N/CN/CApproved
415-010Bar Bending Details (FRP) (NEW)N/CN/CApproved
450-450Florida Slab Beam Typical Details & Notes (NEW)N/CN/CApproved
450-45112" Florida Slab Beam (NEW)N/CN/CApproved
450-45215" Florida Slab Beam (NEW)N/CN/CApproved
450-45318" Florida Slab Beam (NEW)N/CN/CApproved
450-511Bearing Plates (Type 1)-Prestressed Florida-I & AASHTO Type II BeamsN/CN/CApproved
455-001Square Prestressed Concrete Sheet Pile-Typical Details & NotesN/CN/CApproved
455-003Square Prestressed Pile - EDC InstrumentationN/CN/CApproved
455-05454" Precast/Post-Tensioned Concrete Cylinder PileN/CN/CApproved
455-06060" Prestressed Concrete Cylinder PileN/CN/CApproved
455-101Square CFRP & HSSS Prestressed Concrete Piles - Typical Details & NotesN/CResponse PackageApproved
455-11212" Square CFRP & HSSS Prestressed Concrete PileN/CN/CApproved
455-11414" Square CFRP & HSSS Prestressed Concrete PileN/CN/CApproved
455-11818" Square CFRP & HSSS Prestressed Concrete PileN/CN/CApproved
455-12424" Square CFRP & HSSS Prestressed Concrete PileN/CN/CApproved
455-13030" Square CFRP & HSSS Prestressed Concrete PileN/CN/CApproved
455-15454" CFRP/HSSS Precast/Post-Tensioned Concrete Cylinder PileN/CN/CApproved
455-16060" CFRP/HSSS Prestressed Concrete Cylinder PileN/CN/CApproved
455-400Precast Concrete Sheet Pile (Conventional)N/CN/CApproved
455-440Precast Concrete Sheet Pile (CFRP/GFRP & HSSS/GFRP)N/CN/CApproved
515-022Pedestrian/Bicycle Bullet Railing DetailsN/CN/CApproved
515-052Pedestrian/Bicycle Railing (Steel)N/CN/CApproved
515-062Pedestrian/Bicycle Railing (Aluminum)N/CN/CApproved
521-422Traffic Railing - (42" Vertical Shape)N/CN/CApproved
521-423Traffic Railing - (32" Vertical Shape)N/CN/CApproved
521-426Traffic Railing- (Median 36" Single-Slope)N/CN/CApproved
521-427Traffic Railing- (36" Single-Slope)N/CN/CApproved
521-428Traffic Railing- (42" Single-Slope)N/CN/CApproved
521-512Concrete Barrier/Noise Wall - Junction SlabN/CN/CApproved
521-610Concrete Barrier/Junction Slab-Wall CopingN/CN/CApproved
521-611 Concrete Barrier/Junction Slab - Wall Coping (FRP) (NEW)N/CResponse PackageApproved
521-660Light Pole Pedestal - BridgeN/CN/CApproved
548-020MSE Retaining Walls-PermanentN/CN/CApproved
630-010Conduit Details - EmbeddedN/CN/CApproved