Track the Status of Revisions FY 2020-21

Original Review Package = Origination Form, Red Lines, and Draft Implementation.
Response Package = Comments, Responses to Comments, and Draft Implementation (as needed).
N/C = No Comments were received during review.
Response PackageResponse Package
Original Review Package  Index TitleInternal Comments ResponseIndustry   Comments   ResponseFHWA Approval
102-SeriesTemporary Traffic ControlN/CResponse PackageApproved
350-001Concrete Pavement JointsN/CN/CApproved
370-001Bridge Approach Expansion Joint - Concrete PavementN/CN/CApproved
425-010Structure Bottoms - Type J and PN/CN/CApproved
425-031Shoulder Barrier InletN/CResponse PackageApproved
430-001Miscellaneous Drainage DetailsN/CResponse PackageApproved
430-010U-Type Concrete Endwalls With Grates - 15" to 30" PipeN/CResponse PackageApproved 
430-011U-Type Concrete Endwalls - Baffles and Grate Optional - 15" to 30" PipeN/CResponse PackageApproved
430-012U-Type Concrete Endwall - Energy Dissipator - 30" to 72" PipeN/CResponse PackageApproved
430-020Flared End SectionN/CN/CApproved
430-021Cross Drain Mitered End SectionN/CResponse PackageApproved
430-022Side Drain Mitered End SectionN/CResponse PackageApproved
430-030Straight Concrete Endwalls - Single and Multiple PipeN/CResponse PackageApproved
430-031Straight Concrete Endwalls - Single and Double 60" PipeN/CResponse PackageApproved
430-032Straight Concrete Endwalls - Single and Double 66" PipeN/CResponse PackageApproved
430-033Straight Concrete Endwalls - Single and Double 72" PipeN/CResponse PackageApproved
430-034Straight Concrete Endwalls - Single 84" PipeN/CResponse PackageApproved
430-040Winged Concrete Endwalls - Single Round PipeN/CResponse PackageApproved
430-090Safety Modifications for EndwallsN/CN/CApproved
436-001Trench DrainN/CN/CApproved
440-001UnderdrainN/CResponse PackageApproved
440-002Underdrain Inspection BoxN/CN/CApproved
443-001French DrainN/CN/CApproved
433-002Skimmers for French Drain OutletsN/CN/CApproved
446-001Concrete Pavement SubdrainageN/CN/CApproved
450-010Florida-I Beam - Typical Details & NotesN/CN/CApproved
450-036Florida-I 36 Beam - Standard DetailsN/CN/CApproved
450-045Florida-I 45 Beam - Standard DetailsN/CN/CApproved
450-054Florida-I 54 Beam - Standard DetailsN/CN/CApproved
450-063Florida-I 63 Beam - Standard DetailsN/CN/CApproved
450-072Florida-I 72 Beam - Standard DetailsN/CN/CApproved
450-078Florida-I 78 Beam - Standard DetailsN/CN/CApproved
450-084Florida-I 84 Beam - Standard DetailsN/CN/CApproved
450-096Florida-I 96 Beam - Standard DetailsN/CN/CApproved
450-120AASHTO Type II BeamN/CN/CApproved
455-03030" Square Prestressed Concrete PileN/CResponse PackageApproved
455-03130" Square Prestressed Concrete Pile - High Moment CapacityN/CResponse PackageApproved
455-13030" Square CFRP and SS Prestressed Concrete PileN/CResponse PackageApproved
455-440Precast Concrete Sheet Pile Wall (CFRP/GFRP & HSSS/GFRP)N/CN/CApproved
458-100Expansion Joint System - Strip SealN/CN/CApproved
460-470Traffic Railing - (Thrie Beam Retrofit) Typical Details and Notes N/CN/CApproved
515-052Pedestrian/Bicycle Railing (Steel) N/CResponse PackageApproved
515-062Pedestrian/Bicycle Railing (Aluminum)N/CResponse PackageApproved
521-00Concrete BarrierN/CResponse PackageApproved
521-002Pier Protection BarrierN/CN/CApproved
521-404Guardrail Transitions - Existing Post and Beam Bridge Railings (Narrow and Recessed Curbs) N/CN/CApproved
521-405Guardrail Transitions - Existing Post and Beam Bridge Railings (Wide Curbs)N/CN/CApproved
521-427Traffic Railing - (36" Single-Slope)N/CN/CApproved
521-428Traffic Railing - (42" Single-Slope)N/CN/CApproved
521-480Traffic Railing - (Vertical Face Retrofit) Typical Details and NotesN/CN/CApproved
521-510Concrete Barrier/Noise Wall (8'0")N/CN/CApproved
521-600MSE Wall Coping (Precast or C-I-P)N/CN/CApproved
521-610Concrete Barrier/Junction Slab - Wall Coping N/CN/CApproved
521-620Concrete Barrier/Raised Sidewalk - Wall CopingN/CN/CApproved
521-640Drainage Inlet Openings in Junction Slab - Wall CopingN/CN/CApproved
521-660Light Pole Pedestal - Bridge N/CN/CApproved
522-002Detectable Warnings and Sidewalk Curb Ramps N/CResponse PackageApproved
524-001Ditch Pavement and SoddingN/CN/CApproved
534-200Noise Walls (Precast)N/CN/CApproved
536-001GuardrailN/CResponse PackageApproved
536-002Guardrail Transitions and Connections for Existing BridgesN/CResponse PackageApproved
544-001Crash Cushion Transition DetailsN/CResponse PackageApproved
570-001Permanent Erosion ControlN/CN/CApproved
580-001Landscape InstallationN/CN/CApproved
591-001Landscape Irrigation Sleeves  (NEW)N/CN/CApproved
639-001Service Point Details N/CN/CApproved
649-010Steel Strain PoleN/CN/CApproved
649-031Mast Arm Assemblies N/CResponse PackageApproved
665-001Pedestrian Detector Assembly Installation DetailsN/CN/CApproved
695-001 Traffic Monitoring SiteN/CN/CApproved
700-010Single Column Ground SignsN/CN/CApproved
700-041Span Sign Structure N/CN/CApproved
700-090Dynamic Message Sign Walk-In N/CN/CApproved 
700-091Catwalk Detail  (NEW)N/CResponse PackageApproved
700-101Typical Sections for Placement of Single and Multi-Column Signs N/CN/CApproved
700-110Mounting Exit Number Panels to SignsN/CN/CApproved
706-001Typical Placement of Raised Pavement Markers N/CN/CApproved
711-001Pavement MarkingsN/CN/CApproved
715-002Standard Aluminum LightingN/CN/CApproved
715-010High Mast LightingN/CN/CApproved
830-T01Railroad (Grade) CrossingsN/CN/CApproved