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Review Package = Origination Form, Red Lines, and Draft Implementation.
Response Package = Comments, Responses to Comments, and Draft Implementation (as needed).
N/C = No Comments were received during review.
Pending = Awaiting FHWA Approval.
 Review Package  Index TitleInternal Comments ResponseIndustry   Comments   ResponseFHWA Approval
350-001Concrete Pavement JointsComing Soon----
630-010Conduit Details - EmbeddedComing Soon----
102-600General Information For Traffic Control Through Work ZonesResponse----
102-120Low Profile BarrierComing Soon----
521-001Concrete BarrierComing Soon----
521-010Opaque Visual BarrierComing Soon----
524-001Ditch Pavement and SoddingComing Soon----
641-020Concrete CCTV PoleComing Soon----
649-020Steel CCTV PoleComing Soon----
676-010Cabinet Installation DetailsComing Soon----
700-120Enhanced Highway Signing AssembliesComing Soon----
711-001Pavement MarkingsComing Soon----
715-001Conventional LightingComing Soon----
715-002Standard Aluminum LightingComing Soon
102-200Temporary Acrow 300 Series Detour Bridge General Notes and DetailsN/C----
102-201Temporary Acrow 700XS Series Detour Bridge General Notes and DetailsN/C----
400-090Approach Slabs (30 ft.) (Flexible Pavement Approaches)N/C----
415-010Bar Bending Details (FRP)N/C----
455-001Square Prestressed Concrete Piles - Typical Details and NotesN/C----
455-03030'' Square Prestressed Concrete PileN/C----
455-03130'' Square Prestressed Concrete Pile - High Moment CapacityN/C----
455-05454'' Precast/Post-Tensioned Concrete Cylinder PileN/C----
455-06060'' Prestressed Concrete Cylinder PileN/C----
455-101Square CFRP and SS Prestressed Concrete Piles - Typical Details and NotesN/C----
455-15454" Precast/Post-Tensioned CFRP and SS Concrete Cylinder PileN/C----
455-16060" Prestressed CFRP and SS Concrete Cylinder PileN/C----
455-400Precast Concrete Sheet Pile (Conventional)N/C----
455-440Precast Concrete Sheet Pile (CFRP/GFRP and HSSS/GFRP)N/C----
515-022Pedestrian/Bicycle Bullet Railing DetailsN/C----
550-010Bridge Fencing (Vertical)N/C----
550-012Bridge Fencing (Enclosed)N/C----
550-013Bridge Fencing (Over Railroad)N/C----
521-600MSE Wall Coping (Precast or C-I-P)N/C----
521-610Concrete Barrier/Junction Slab - Wall CopingN/C----
521-611Concrete Barrier/Junction Slab - Wall Coping (FRP)N/C----
521-620Concrete Barrier/Raised Sidewalk - Wall CopingN/C----
521-630Parapet With C-I-P Sidewalk - Wall CopingN/C----
521-630Concrete PolesN/C----
700-010Single Column Ground SignsN/CResponsePending
700-011Single Column Cantilever Ground Mounted SignN/CN/CPending
700-012Single Post Bridge Mounted Sign SupportN/CN/CPending
700-013Single Post Median Barrier  Mounted Sign SupportN/CN/CPending
700-020Multi-Column Ground SignN/CN/CPending
700-030Wind and Hanger Beams for Overhead SignsN/CN/C
700-031External Lighting for SignsN/CN/CPending
700-040Cantilever Sign StructureN/CResponsePending
700-041Span Sign StructureN/CResponsePending
700-090Dynamic Message Sign Walk-InN/CN/CPending
700-091Catwalk DetailsN/CN/CPending
700-110 Mounting Exit Number Panels to SignsN/CN/CPending
700-120Enhanced Highway Signing AssembliesN/CN/CPending
102-602Two-Lane and Multilane, Work on ShoulderN/CResponseApproved
102-604Two-Lane, Two-Way, Intersection WorkN/CN/CApproved
102-606Two-Lane Roadway, Lane Closure Using Temporary Traffic SignalsResponseN/CApproved
102-607Mobile OperationsResponseN/CApproved
102-613Multilane Roadway, Lane ClosuresN/CResponseApproved
102-615Multilane Roadway, Intersection WorkN/CN/CApproved
102-680Haul Road CrossingN/CN/CApproved
649-030Standard Mast Arm AssembliesN/CN/CApproved