TERL Product Certification Handbook

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This following handbook describes the TERL's process for evaluating and approving products for listing on the APL and applies to the TERL; end-users of traffic control products wishing to use product listed on the APL or reporting product/supplier non-conformities with requirements; and vendors (i.e. applicants and suppliers) pursuing product listing on the Department's APL or seeking a permit to use a product not listed on the APL.

TERL - Product Certification Handbook
(ISO compliant documentation for product certification bodies)
Product Certification Handbook
PCH-00TCTable of Contents
PCH-02Definitions, Acronyms and Abbreviations
PCH-03Approved Product List Certification Process
PCH-04Traffic Control Products with Required APL Listing
PCH-05APL Quality System Evaluation Process
PCH-06Quality System Requirements
PCH-07Testing Laboratory and Test Reporting Requirements
PCH-08Traffic Control Device Permit Process
PCH-09Duties and Rights of Applicants and Suppliers
PCH-10Revision History

For more information, contact Derek Vollmer (Derek.Vollmer@dot.state.fl.us) or Matthew DeWitt (Matthew.DeWitt@dot.state.fl.us).