Product Certification Handbook

The Product Certification Handbook (PCH) describes the Traffic Engineering Research Laboratory (TERL) processes and requirements for listing products on the Approved Product (APL), the Innovative Products List (IPL) and permitting products not listed on the APL or IPL.

All PCH SectionsComplete Product Certification Handbook (PCH)
PCH-00TCTable of Contents
PCH-02Definitions, Acronyms and Abbreviations
PCH-03Approved Product List (APL) Certification Process
PCH-04Traffic Control Products with Required APL Listing and Product Retention
PCH-05APL Quality Management System Evaluation Process
PCH-06APL Quality Management System Requirements
PCH-07Testing Laboratory and Test Reporting Requirements
PCH-08Traffic Control Device Permit Process
PCH-09Innovative Products List (IPL) Process (*This section is under development*)
PCH-10Duties and Rights of Applicants and Suppliers

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