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 In accordance with Florida Statutes Chapter 316.0745, and in addition to any applicable Federal Highway Administration Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) requirements, all traffic control signals and devices sold or installed in the state of Florida must conform to the specifications below and be listed on the FDOT Approved Product List. The TERL's Product Certification Handbook (PCH) describes the process for evaluating and approving products for listing on the APL.

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The Minimum Specifications for Traffic Control Signals and Devices was archived effective 1/1/2015 and all sections have been moved into the Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction.
MSTCSD Archives: MSTCSD 7/2010
Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction
Product Compliance Matrix and Supplemental Requirements
CM-620-2.7.1-01Surge Protective Device for 120V or 120_240V Power
CM-620-2.7.2-01Surge Protective Device at Point of Use
CM-620-2.7.3-01Surge Protective Device for Low Voltage Power, Control, Data and Signal Systems
CM-635-2.2.1-01Pull and Splice Box
CM-641-2.2-01ITS Lowering Device
CM-646-2.2-01Transformer Base
CM-650-2.1-01Vehicular Traffic Signal Assembly
CM-650-2.2.7-01Vehicular Traffic Signal Assembly Backplate
CM-650-2.2.8-01Vehicular Traffic Signal Assembly LED Optical Unit
CM-653-1-01Pedestrian Signal Assembly
CM-654-2.1-01In-Roadway Light Assembly
CM-654-2.2-01Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon
CM-654-2.3-01Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon
CM-659-2.1-01Mast Arm Span Wire and Pole Mounting Assembly
CM-663-1-01Signal Priority and Preemption System
CM-665-1-01Pedestrian Detector
NEMA Traffic Controller
2070 Traffic Controller
CM-676-2.1-01NEMA Controller Cabinet
CM-676-2.1-02170 and 552A Controller Cabinet
CM-676-2.1-03ITS Cabinet
CM-676-2.7-01   Small Equipment Enclosure 
CM-678-1-01Traffic Controller Accessories
CM-680-2.1-01Adaptive Signal Control System
CM-685-2.2-01Uninterruptible Power Supply
Remote Power Management Unit
CM-687-2.1-01Highway Advisory Radio
CM-700-3.2-01Internally Illuminated Sign
CM-700-3.2-02Highlighted Sign
Dynamic Message Sign
CM-700-5.1-01Electronic Display Sign
CM-700-6.2-01Sign Beacon
CM-990-3.1-01Portable Arrow Board
CM-990-3.1-02Portable Changeable Message Sign
CM-990-3.1-03Portable Regulatory Sign
CM-990-3.1-04Radar Speed Display Unit
CM-990-3.1-05Truck Mounted Changeable Message Sign
CM-990-3-1-06Automated Flagger Assistance Device
CM-990-7.1-01Temporary Traffic Control Signal
CM-995-2.2-01 Inductive Loop Detection System
CM-995-2.3-01Video Vehicle Detection System
CM-995-2.4-01Microwave Vehicle Detection System
CM-995-2.5-01Wireless Magnetometer Detection System 
CM-995-2.6-01Automatic Vehicle Identification Detection System
CM-995-2.7-01Wrong Way Vehicle System
SR-995-2.7.2-01Supplemental WWVDS SunGuide HHTP Protocol
CM-995-3-01Loop Sealant 
CM-996-3.2-01Managed Field Ethernet Switch
CM-996-2.2-01CCTV Camera
SR-996-2.2-01Supplemental CCTV Camera NTCIP and ONVIF Requirements
CM-996-3.3-01Device Server
CM-996-3.4-01Digital Video Encoder
CM-996-3.4-02Digital Video Decoder
CM-996-3-5-01Media Converter
CM-996-2.3-01Video Display and Control System

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