The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is inviting transportation industry leaders to participate in the Implementing Solutions from Transportation Research and Evaluation of Emerging Technologies (I-STREET) program. I-STREET is designed to assist in implementing emerging technologies aimed at safety and mobility improvements. The FDOT will develop requests for proposals (RFPs) utilizing the emerging technologies and will select vendors through a competitive bidding process. The selected vendor for each project will deploy technology solutions. The University of Florida will conduct before-and-after evaluations of implemented projects. After evaluation, the FDOT will consider whether to expand the successful I-STREET projects elsewhere in the state.

The FDOT has allocated funding for these innovative projects per fiscal year (FY) from FY 21 until FY 25. Each FY, the FDOT will fund multiple projects based on the projects' merits and safety and mobility improvement potential. The number of awards will vary depending on the project type and scope.

Updated I-STREET Map_1.2.2020

For more information, please contact Raj Ponnaluri at Raj.Ponnaluri@dot.state.fl.us.