I-75 Florida's Regional Advanced Mobility Elements

The I-75 FRAME (Florida's Regional Advanced Mobility Elements) project is located on the I-75 and US 301/441 corridors, connecting east-west arterials between these two corridors in Central Florida. The purpose of this project is to re-route traffic from I-75 to US 301/441 using east to west arterials, such as SR 500, SR 200, and SR 40, during emergencies and incident management efforts. This project is part of the larger Central Office program submitted as part of the 2016 Advanced Transportation and Congestion Management Technologies Deployment (ATCMTD) application to lessen the recurring and non-recurring congestion on I-75 between Gainesville and Wildwood/Ocala region. The project encompasses both FDOT District Two and Five jurisdictions, where the northern and southern areas of this regional effort are located along the I-75 corridor.

The deployment of new technologies will provide the capabilities to better manage, operate, and maintain the multi-modal system and create an integrated corridor management solution. Connected vehicle (CV) technologies installed as part of this project include Cellular Vehicle to Everything (C-V2X), roadside units (RSU), and on-board units (OBU) to facilitate the operation of Signal Phase and Timing (SPAT), Traveler Information Messages (TIM), Emergency Vehicle Preemption, and other applications. Additionally, this project includes the deployment of hardware for Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPM), transit signal priority (TSP), pedestrian safety elements, and fiber optic communications along US 301/441. This project will disseminate real-time information to the motorists during freeway incidents. The construction and integration for this project is ongoing and expected to complete in the summer of 2021.

i75 frame map


For additional information, please contact Jeremy Dilmore at Jeremy.Dilmore@dot.state.fl.us.