Downtown Interchange Smart Work Zone

District 7 Traffic Operations Office has included a Smart Work Zone in the first large section of the TBNext Freeway Modernization Project for the Downtown Interchange (DTI).  One of the major construction modifications in the DTI is to widen the existing Southbound I-275 to I-4 Eastbound elevated offramp.  Southbound I-275 already incurs backup due to the ramp being over capacity during various parts of the day.  This smart work zone project is expected to minimize delays and reduce rear end and side swipe accidents. 

The concept of the Smart Work Zone includes end of queue warning system that will detect slow and stopped vehicles and automatically post messages on portable changeable message signs to inform the motorists approaching the construction zone where backups are occurring in real time.  This information will also be sent to traffic information providers and can be forwarded to motorist via smart phone apps and on-board navigation systems (if available). The real time data will also be available to the Tampa Bay SunGuide Center via internet access portal.

Downtown Interchange


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