The University of Florida (UF) Implementing Solutions from Transportation Research and Evaluation of Emerging Technologies (I-STREET) Test Bed is a collaboration of UF, FDOT, and the City of Gainesville. The intent of the UF I-STREET Test Bed is to invite industry partners, private sector developers, research entities, and transportation innovators of emerging technologies and transportation solutions to express implementation interest and provide deployment-oriented approaches in the pursuit of solutions for real-world test bed demonstration and testing. The anticipated outcome of assisting the UF I-STREET partners is to transition from development to a realization of transportation safety and mobility benefits as quickly as possible. The UF I-STREET will leverage several ongoing efforts at FDOT, including the use of hardware and software solutions being deployed to realize the benefits from connected vehicle technologies to improve the safety and mobility of road users. This initiative plans to provide UF I-STREET partners with data and other outputs to be sourced from the ongoing projects at FDOT.

Updated I-STREET Map_1.2.2020

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