FDOT District 5 is in the implementation phase of the connected vehicle (CV) project for pedestrian safety and operational improvement in the City of Orlando. The Ped Safe project is to implement a pedestrian and bicycle collision avoidance system that utilizes CV technologies to reduce the occurrence of pedestrian and bicycle crashes. By optimizing traffic signal operations with implementation of technologies, the Greenway will increase throughput capacity and reduce congestion along with improving the multimodal movement of people and goods, optimizing existing traffic operations, in terms of flow rate and safety, for all multimodal traffic during peak time and special events. The technology that will be deployed includes CV, dedicated short-range communications, on board units, roadside units, audible basic safety messages, synchronous data link control monitoring device in lieu of controller change outs; advanced sensor technology to produce real-time turning movement counts, saturation flow rates, right on red, and permissive yellows. This project has approximately 250 roadside units installed. The project is anticipated to complete deployment by early 2019.

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For additional information, please contact Raj Ponnaluri at Raj.Ponnaluri@dot.state.fl.us