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Road Rangers

Road Rangers is a service provided by the Florida Department of Transportation. The Road Ranger Service Patrol provides traffic incident management response services and limited no-cost highway assistance to motorists to improve highway safety for emergency responders and the motoring public. If you're on the roadway and need assistance, call *347 on your mobile phone. If you’ve received assistance, please comment so we can continue to improve our service.  The Road Rangers are roving vehicles that patrol congested areas and high incident locations of the freeway, and provide a direct service to motorists by quickly clearing travel lanes of minor incidents and assisting motorists. Services can include the following:

Picture of road ranger
  1. Change flat tires

  2. Jump-start vehicles and make minor repairs

  3. Provide stranded motorists two free local calls

  4. Clear disabled vehicles from travel lanes

  5. Clear debris from travel lanes

  6. Supply emergency gasoline, diesel, water

  7. Monitor abandoned vehicles and notify FHP

  8. Provide maintenance-of-traffic (MOT) services during incidents

Although each contractor has a different make of vehicle, all vehicles are white in color with the Road Rangers logo affixed to the rear and sides of the vehicle.

Picture of road ranger

Service patrol drivers are all in uniform, courteous, and most have or are in training for first aid and CPR. Each service patrol driver provides a comment card to every stranded motorist that is assisted, which can be mailed back to the Department. Since the program's inception in the year 2000, the Road Rangers have made over 6.1 million service assists. The benefits of the Road Ranger program have been as follows:

  • Reduction of crashes
  • Reduction of incident duration by assisting the Florida Highway Patrol
  • Assistance to disabled or stranded motorists
  • Removal of road debris
  • Reduction of congestion produced air pollutants
  • Increased safety at incident scenes

The Road Ranger Service Patrol is funded by the Florida Department of Transportation and its partners and is bid out to private contractors. For employment, contact your local contractor.

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