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This page provides access to TIM Program 
archived materials developed in support of the program.

TIM Program Archived Materials and Resources

Florida TIM Responder Newsletter

Current issues found under publications.  If you would like to contribute to the Florida TIM Responder or subscribe to it, please contact Shawn Kinney at

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Computer/Web Resources

Video Resources

  • Video: The Many HATS (MPE, 184.2 MB)
    The Many HATS of Highway Incident Management video is an excellent training tool, as it outlines many of the experiences that we have encountered. This view of the incident management process reminds us all to focus on our assigned roles during the incident.
  • Video: Your Vest Won't Stop This Bullet (WMV, 79.2 MB)
    This video is a key reminder of the consequences that can occur to anyone working along the highways whether it’s a traffic stop, motorist assistance or emergency medical aid. Please remember that officers, highway workers and other emergency personnel are injured almost every day while working on or near the roadways.
  • Video: Manage to Survive - TIM for First Responders (WMV, 157.1 MB) This video captures the essence of collaboration and communication among “first responders” and uses the National Unified Goal or NUG for Traffic Incident Management as the foundation for improving the safety of Responders.

RISC Annual Reports

Road Ranger Publications

Road Ranger Comment Card Reports

Motorists receiving assistance from the Road Rangers are given a small comment card to complete. This comment card offers the motorist an anonymous opportunity to provide feedback on the service they received. The cards are sent back to the Department and analyzed. Select the links below to view quarterly and annual reports containing a summary of this analysis.

Road Ranger Performance Measures Reports

Select the links below to view quarterly and annual reports containing summarized data gathered via the SunGuide® traffic management software for the Road Ranger service patrol program. The Traffic Management Centers (TMC) collect large amounts of data on incidents that occur in areas covered by the Department’s Intelligent Transportation Systems. This data is categorized by the event type to help with data analysis. Event type is defined as the primary activity that occurs related to the incident.

Road Ranger Annual Reports

Road Ranger Cost Benefit Analysis report

Miscellaneous TIM Documents

Florida’s Open Roads Policy
Florida’s Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Strategic Plan
Florida’s Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Strategic Plan Executive Summary