Statewide Arterial Management Program (STAMP) 

FDOT Transportation Systems Management & Operations (TSM&O) Strategic Plan identifies arterial management as one of the six focus areas. The Statewide Arterial Management (STAMP) Group was created for statewide collaboration and knowledge sharing to manage safety and mobility challenges facing by arterial roadways in the State of Florida. FDOT and local agencies are investing in state highway systems (SHS) through intelligent transportation systems (ITS), connected automated vehicles (CAVs) for smarter intersection and arterial management. Additional investments are being made in TSM&O strategies such as active arterial management (AAM) and integrated corridor management (ICM) as well as through traffic signal retiming and traffic signal maintenance programs.


The STAMP Group supports implementation, management, and operations and maintenance (O&M) of performance-based arterial networks. The STAMP focuses on TSM&O strategies such as AAM, ICM, and Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPM) to provide safe and efficient arterial networks. The STAMP addresses ITS infrastructure and communication needs, transportation management center (TMC) needs, and O&M needs to support TSM&O strategies on arterials to achieve the throughput, efficient multi-modal operation, reduced travel time, increased traffic and bicycle/pedestrian safety, and increased system uptime outcomes envisioned in the TSM&O Strategic Plan.

Action Plan:

STAMP Action Plan 2018

STAMP Action Plan update: Under development



Traffic Signal Maintenance and Compensation Agreement


    Example Arterial Management Programs:

     District 4District 5District 6


    Issue Papers:

    Technical Memorandum: Advanced Signal Control Technology

    FDOT Traffic Signal Performance Measures



    TSM&O Traffic Signal Training 101 (Jan. 2018)


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