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The FDOT Five-Year Work Program


Each year, FDOT develops the Five-Year Work Program (WP) which is an ongoing process that is used to allocate funds for priority transportation projects for the next five years.

The Work Program is based on the best available forecasts of project costs and funding, ensuring that the Department has the financial capacity to implement planned projects. This robust process is an essential piece to stabilize the work program and help maintain Florida’s transportation system for our residents, businesses, and visitors.

Guidance for how funds flow through the Work Program is provided through the Florida Transportation Plan (FTP), the statewide plan that guides Florida’s transportation future.  

Interactive Statewide Work Program Map

Use the Work Program Map to view projects being considered for the Five-Year Work Program. Project types include all modes of transportation: roadway, bicycle, pedestrian, freight, trails, transit, aviation, seaports, and spaceports.  

Public Participation

Each fall, FDOT begins developing a Tentative Five-Year Work Program for local and statewide review. The public has several opportunities to participate and comment on the Tentative Five-Year Work Program. County commissions and regional transportation planning organizations submit transportation priorities for their area. Each FDOT District then conducts a public hearing in at least one urbanized area. The District Public Hearings are advertised through the Public Meeting notices. Finally, the Florida Transportation Commission (FTC) in Tallahassee conducts the statewide public hearing after which the Tentative Five-Year Work Program is adopted and becomes effective on July 1.  

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