The FDOT Five-Year Work Program


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out about active and future transportation projects in my area?

To learn more about active and future FDOT projects, visit Agency Resources. For information about county or city transportation projects, visit the county or city website for your area.

Who can I contact if I have a question about a transportation project in my area?

Each FDOT District has a Communications Office that can help you find out about FDOT projects. Visit the Newsroom.

What is the Tentative Five-Year Work Program? 

The Tentative Five-Year Work Program is the proposed list of projects under consideration for funding. 

Does the Five-Year Work Program include all transportation projects?

The Work Program only includes projects with state or federal funding. For information about projects funded by local governments, please check the county or city website.

Where do I find the Adopted Five-Year Work Program?

Visit the Five-Year Work Program webpage. The Adopted Five-Year Work Program is searchable by county, work type, year, project number, etc.

When can I provide input on potential projects to be considered for the Five-Year Work Program?

Your first opportunity to provide input is when the MPO/TPO or County Commission in your area is preparing a list of priority transportation projects to be considered for the Five-Year Work Program. This typically occurs every year in late summer. Contact the MPO or County Commission office to submit comments.

In the fall, FDOT drafts the Tentative Five-Year Work Program in preparation for public hearings. At least one public hearing is held in every FDOT District for projects in that District. You can provide comments at a public hearing or in writing or by telephone during the public comment period. Visit the District website for dates and other details.

The third opportunity to provide input is early in the year when the Florida Transportation Commission (FTC) holds the statewide public hearing for the Tentative Five-Year Work Program. For more information, visit the FTC website.

The Tentative Five-Year Work Program is then signed by the FDOT Secretary and becomes the Adopted Five-Year Work Program on July 1.

How can I find out about upcoming public meetings for FDOT projects? 

Visit the FDOT Public Notices webpage.