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Completion DateTitle
(Full Report)
Principal InvestigatorUniversity / AgencyProject ManagerContract No. (Summary)
12/14/2023Inspection of Flexible Filler TendonsBrown, JeffEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical UniversityPadilla, FelixBE932
02/20/2024Confinement Effect of Narrow Baseplates or Reaction Area on Anchor Breakout, Part 3Suksawang, NakinFlorida Institute of TechnologyNolan, StevenBDV28-977-09
12/31/2023Evaluation of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymers (GFRP) Spirals in Corrosion Resistant Concrete PilesJung, SungmoonFlorida State UniversityFreeman, ChristinaBDV30-977-27
03/14/2023Large Reinforcing Bars Spliced In Ultra-High Performance ConcreteFreeman, ChristinaFDOTPotter, Will
2/1/2023Update of Commercial Vessel Past Point Data for Designing Bridges Across Navigable Florida WaterwaysConsolazio, GaryUniversity of FloridaRandell, AlexBDV31-977-134
2/1/2023Temperature Effects in Match-Cast Segmental Bridge Construction
Riding, KyleUniversity of FloridaPotter, WillBDV31-977-132
12/21/2022Applicability of Approximate Methods of Analysis for Skewed Straight Steel I-Girder BridgesWhite, DonHeath and Linebeck Engineers/Georgia TechYoung, VickieBEB13
06/28/2022Shear Friction Capacity of Corrugated Pipe Connection in Precast FootingsGarber, DavidFlorida International UniversityVasconcelos, BrunoBDV29-977-39
08/29/2022Development of GFRP Reinforced Single Slope Bridge RailConsolazio, GaryUniversity of FloridaFreeman, ChristinaBDV31-977-110
03/31/2022Epoxy Dowel Pile Splice Evaluation Epoxy Dowel Pile Splice EvaluationMehrabi, ArminFlorida International UniversityNolan, StevenBDV29-977-52
02/28/2022Evaluate Effects from Shored Construction on Steel Composite BridgesSu, DanEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical UniversityBehring, ZacharyBE929
04/22/2022Detailing of Externally Bonded CFRP for Shear StrengtheningSuksawang, NakinFlorida Institute of TechnologyPotter, WillBEA90
01/06/2021Quantifying the Effect of UHPC Fiber Dispersion and Orientation in Structural MembersZhang, QuianFlorida State UniversityFreeman, ChristinaBDV30-977-34
05/30/2022Flexural Capacity of Concrete Elements with Unbonded and Bonded PrestressingGary R. ConsolazioUniversity of FloridaWilliam PotterBDV31-977-93
12/01/2020Stainless Steel Strands and Lightweight Concrete for Pretensioned Concrete Girders. Final Report AMichelle Rambo-RoddenberryFAMU-FSU College of EngineeringVickie YoungBDV30-977-22 
12/01/2020Stainless Steel Strands and Lightweight Concrete for Pretensioned Concrete Girders. Final Report BMichelle Rambo-RoddenberryFAMU-FSU College of EngineeringVickie YoungBDV30-977-22 
03/01/2021Evaluation of Tapered Bridge Bearing PadsGary R. ConsolazioUniversity of FloridaFreeman, ChristinaBDV31-977-95
08/15/2021Shear Behavior of Webs Post-Tensioned with Tendons Containing Flexible FillersHamilton, TreyUniversity of FloridaVasconcelos, BrunoBDV31 977-71
06/30/2021Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Traffic Railings for Impact Loading Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Traffic Railings for Impact LoadingConsolazio, GaryUniversity of FloridaWagner, DavidBDV31 977-72
12/31/2021Florida Slab Beam Bridge with Ultra-High Performance Concrete Joint ConnectionsGarber, DavidFlorida International UniversityFreeman, Christina

BDV29 977-28

02/28/2020Sunshine Skyway Bridge Monitoring Phase II: System DevelopmentBridge, JenniferUniversity of FloridaHampton, MarshallBDV31 977-73
12/15/2020Hybrid Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girders Using Ultra-High Performance Concrete

H.R. Hamilton

University of FloridaWilliam PotterBDV31-977-101
12/03/2020Cracking of Reinforced and Prestressed Precast Concrete Deck Panels on Florida-I Beam Bridges: A Crack Disposition StudySam Adeniji / Michelle Roddenberry FDOT / FAMU-FSU College of EngineeringChristina Freeman
11/30/2020Straight Steel I Girder Bridges with Skew Index Approaching 0.3John HeathHeath & Lineback Engineers, Inc. Vickie Young BE535
10/15/2020Diagnostic Investigation of Excessive Camber in Prestressed Slab UnitsAriana Morales RapalloFDOTChristina FreemanSummary
02/15/2020Evaluation of Techniques to Remove Defective Grout from Post-Tensioning Tendons H.R. Hamilton University of Florida William PotterBDV31-977-58
9/30/2019Confinement Effect of Metal Railing Narrow Baseplates on Adhesive Anchor Breakout ResistanceNakin SuksawangFlorida Institute of TechnologySteven NolanBDV28 977-06
9/30/2019Macro Synthetic Fiber Reinforcement for Improved Structural Performance of Concrete Bridge Girders
H.R. Hamilton
University of Florida
William Potter
BDV31 977-41
 1/31/2019Effective Width Recommendations for Solid Concrete Slab Bridges

Flat Slab Effective Width Calculator (xmcd)
 Bruno Vasconcelos FDOTChristina Freeman
10/31/2018Precast Element Evaluation for the US 90 Bridges over Little River and Hurricane CreekMichelle Roddenberry
FAMU-FSU College of Engineering
Christina Freeman
 3/31/2018 Wind Effects on Mast Arms Bridge, JenniferUniversity of Florida Freeman, Christina BDV31 977-59
1/31/2018Bridge Girder Alternatives for Extremely Aggressive EnvironmentsBrown, JeffEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical UniversityPotter, WilliamBDV22 977-01
12/29/2017Replaceable Unbonded Tendons for Post-Tensioned BridgesHamilton, TreyUniversity of FloridaPotter, William Vallier, RickBDV31 977-15
5/31/2017Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) of a Segmental Concrete Bridge Scheduled for Demolition, with a Focus on Corrosion Detection of Internal TendonsAzizinamini, AtorodFlorida International UniversitySardiñas, AlbertoBDV29 977-05
5/1/2017Empirical Deck for Phased Construction and WideningEl-Safty, AdelUniversity of North FloridaPotter, WilliamBDV34 977-01
3/31/2017Distribution Factors for Construction Loads and Girder Capacity EquationsConsolazio, GaryUniversity of FloridaFreeman, ChristinaBDV31 977-46
3/1/2017Durability Evaluation of Florida's Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composite Reinforcement for Concrete StructuresHamilton, TreyUniversity of FloridaWagner, DavidBDV31 977-01
2/28/2017Rheology Limits for Grout Materials used for Precast Bent Cap Pile Pockets in Hot WeatherKampmann, RaphaelFlorida State UniversityNolan, SteveBDV30 977-16
2/17/2017Aluminum Lightweight Orthotropic Deck Evaluation ProjectFreeman, ChristinaFDOTPotter, Will
11/30/2016Scaling and Validation of Breakaway Connection for Multi-post Ground SignsConsolazio, GaryUniversity of FloridaPotter, WillBDV31 977-24
10/31/2016Sunshine Skyway Bridge Monitoring Phase I: System Assessment and Integration RecommendationsRice, JenniferUniversity of FloridaWomble, SteveBDV31 977-43
10/11/2016Full-Depth Precast Deck Panel TestingYoung, VickieFDOTGolabek, Dennis
10/7/2016Tongue and Groove Joint Connection for Precast Concrete PanelsYoung, VickieFDOTFallaha, Sam
9/30/2016Pendulum Impact Testing of Metallic, Non-metallic, and Hybrid Sign PostsConsolazio, GaryUniversity of FloridaPotter, WilliamBDV31 977-16
5/31/2016Managing Florida's Fracture Critical BridgesAzizinamini, AtorodFlorida International UniversityKerr, RichardBDV29 977-17
4/22/2016Determination of Barge Impact Probabilities for Bridge DesignConsolazio, GaryUniversity of FloridaPotter, WilliamBDV31 977-21
1/29/2016Lightweight Solid Decks for Movable BridgesMirmiran, AmirFlorida International UniversityPotter, WilliamBDV29 977-11
12/31/2015Bascule Bridge Lightweight Solid Deck RetrofitPatton, GeorgeURSWaits, TomC9289
12/31/2015Develop Epoxy Grout Pourback Guidance and Test Methods to Eliminate Thermal/Shrinkage Cracking at Post-Tensioning AnchoragesAhmad, IrtishadFlorida International UniversityVallier, RickBDV29 977-13
12/18/2015Investigation/Development of an Effective, Economical, and Efficient Prestressed Concrete Pile SpliceMullins, GrayUniversity of South FloridaWagner, DavidBDU79
8/31/2015Use of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite Cable for Post-Tensioning ApplicationMirmiran, AmirFlorida International UniversityPotter, WilliamBDV29 977-10
8/16/2015Dual Cable Supports for Wide IntersectionsSunna, HishamAyres AssociatesPavlov, AndreC9G79
6/30/2015Repair of Impact Damaged Utility Poles with FRP, Phase IIMackie, KevinUniversity of Central FloridaWagner, DavidBDV24 977-04
7/31/2014Development of FB-Multipier Dynamic Vessel-Collision Analysis Models - Phase 2Chung, JaeUniversity of FloridaFallaha, SamBDV31 977-17
6/30/2014Evaluation of Positive Grip Span LocksSileno, MichaelHardesty & HanoverRodriguez, AngelC9290
5/30/2014Steel Framing Strategies for Highly Skewed Bridges to Reduce/Eliminate Distortion near Skewed SupportsAzizinamini, AtorodFlorida International UniversityGolabek, DennisBDK80 977-21
5/30/2014Steel Plate Girder Diaphragm and Cross-Bracing LoadsAzizinamini, AtorodFlorida International UniversityGolabek, DennisBDK80 977-20
4/30/2014Design and Construction of Precast Piles with Stainless Reinforcing SteelMullins, GrayUniversity of South FloridaJones, LarryBDK84 977-07
4/16/2014Investigation of Carbon Fiber Composite Cables (CFCC) in Prestressed Concrete PilesRoddenberry, MichelleFlorida State UniversityFallaha, SamBDK83 977-17
4/15/2014Validation and Implementation of Bridge Design Specifications for Barge Impact LoadingConsolazio, GaryUniversity of FloridaFallaha, SamBDK75 977-31
4/15/2014Determination of Brace Forces Caused by Construction Loads and WInd Loads During Bridge ConstructionConsolazio, GaryUniversity of FloridaFreeman, ChristinaBDK75 977-70
3/31/2014Phase and Widening Construction of Steel BridgesAzizinamini, AtorodFlorida International UniversityGoldsberry, BenBDK80 977-28
12/31/2013Steel Shear Strength of Anchors with Stand-Off Base PlatesCook, RonUniversity of FloridaPavlov, AndreBDK75 977-49
12/31/2013Long Spans with Transportable Precast Prestressed GirdersHamilton, TreyUniversity of FloridaFreeman, ChristinaBDK75 977-30
10/31/2013Movable Bridge Maintenance MonitoringCatbas, NecatiUniversity of Central FloridaSardiñas, AlbertoBDK78 977-10
6/30/2013Bridge Girder Drag Coefficients and Wind-Related Bracing RecommendationsConsolazio, GaryUniversity of FloridaFallaha, SamBDK75 977-33
3/31/2013End Region Detailing of Pretensioned Concrete Bridge GirdersHamilton, TreyUniversity of FloridaFallaha, SamBDK75 977-05
12/31/2012Experimental Validation of Bracing Recommendations for Long-Span Concrete GirdersConsolazio, GaryUniversity of FloridaFallaha, SamBDK75 977-03
10/1/2012The Repair of Damaged Bridge Girders with Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Polymer "CFRP" LaminatesEl-Safty, AdelUniversity of North FloridaChamberlain, RodneyBDK82 977-03
9/30/2012Alternatives to Steel Grid Deck - Phase IIMirmiran, AmirFlorida International UniversityFallaha, SamBDK80 977-06
8/2/2012Prefabricated / Precast Bridge Elements and Systems (PBES) for Off-System BridgesRoddenberry, MichelleFAMU-FSUGolabek, DennisBDK83 977-13
8/1/2012Development of a Failure Theory for ConcreteRoddenberry, MichelleFAMU - FSUPotter, WillBDK83 977-02
7/1/2012Pendulum Impact Testing of an Impact-Breakaway, Wind-Resistant Base Connection for Multi-Post Ground SignsConsolazio, GaryUniversity of FloridaPotter, WillBDK75 977-40
2/1/2012Base Connections for Signal / Sign StructuresCook, RonaldUniversity of FloridaPavlov, AndreBDK75 977-32
12/2/2011Damage Detection and Repair Methods for GFRP Bridge DecksHamilton, TreyUniversity of FloridaChamberlain, RodneyBDK75 977-17
12/1/2011Hillsboro Canal Bridge MonitoringHamilton, TreyUniversity of FloridaEudy, SteveBDK75 977-16
11/10/2011Evaluation of the Altimeter for Measuring Bridge DeflectionsJung, SungmoonFlorida State UniversityEudy, SteveBDK83 988-05
9/1/2011Long-Term Maintenance Monitoring Demonstration on a Movable BridgeBurak Gokce, Mustafa GulUniversity of Central FloridaSardiñas, AlbertoBDK78 977-07
5/1/2011External Post Tensioning AnchorageMackie, KevinUniversity of Central FloridaBoyd, CharlesBD550-11

2/1/2011A Structural Comparison of the Glasswood Fusion Product TimberSIL and Regular LumberWagner, DavidFDOTFallaha, Sam
1/1/2011Testing of Trelleborg Structural PlasticsWagner, DavidFDOTHocking, Jerry
12/1/2010Investigation of Impact Factors for FDOT BridgesWekezer, JerryFlorida State UniversityPotter, WilliamBDK83 977-03
10/15/2010Testing Precast Piles with Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer MeshAbalo, VickieFDOTFallaha, Sam
10/15/2010Zone of Intrusion StudyReid, John DUniversity of Nebraska-LincolnMcDaniel, GevinPR4893118
8/30/2010Alternative Support Systems for Cantilever Signal/Sign StructuresCook, RonUniversity of FloridaAnsley, MarcusBDK75 977-04
8/28/2010Vessel Crushing and Structural Collapse Relationships for Bridge DesignConsolazio, GaryUniversity of FloridaFallaha, SamBDK75 977-02
6/1/2010Long Term Bridge Maintenance Monitoring Demonstration on a Moveable BridgeCatbas, NecatiUniversity of Central FloridaAnsley, MarcusBD548-23
1/11/2010Investigation of the Double-Composite Box Girder Failure CriteriaPotter, WillFDOTAnsley, Marcus
12/30/2009Determination of Service Stresses in Pretensioned BeamsHamilton, TreyUniversity of FloridaAnsley, MarcusBD545-78
12/1/2009Remedial Action for Failed Pole/Base Plate Weld on High Mast Lighting PoleSuksawang, NakinFlorida International UniversitySardiñas, AlbertoBD015-023
12/1/2009Alternatives to Steel Grid DecksMirmiran, Amir & Mackie, KevinFIU & UCFAnsley, MarcusBD015-22
11/15/2009A Static Analysis Method for Barge-Impact Design of Bridges with Consideration of Dynamic AmplificationConsolazio, GaryUniversity of FloridaAnsley, MarcusBD545-85
9/30/2009Design and Evaluation of Steel Bridges with Double Composite ActionSen, RajanUniversity of South FloridaGolabek, DennisBD544-18
7/30/2009Thermo-mechanical Durability of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Strengthened Reinforced Concrete BeamsMackie, KevinUniversity of Central FloridaAnsley, MarcusBD550-06
7/1/2009Analyses of Embedded Data CollectorMcVay, MichaelUniversity of FloridaLai, PeterBD545-87
3/31/2009Stiffness Evaluation of Neoprene Bearing Pads Under Long Term LoadsCook, RonUniversity of FloridaAnsley, MarcusBD545-39
3/31/2009Investigation of Impact Factors for Permit VehiclesWekezer, JerryFlorida State UniversityAnsley, MarcusBD543-15
3/6/2009Strand Development and Splice DeviceRoddenberry, MichelleFlorida State UniversityAnsley, MarcusBD543-19
12/30/2008Shear Performance of Existing Prestressed Concrete Bridge GirdersHamilton, TreyUniversity of FloridaAnsley, MarcusBD545-56
12/30/2008Transverse Analysis and Field Measurements of Segmental Box Girder WingsRoddenberry, MichelleFlorida State UniversityAnsley, MarcusBD543-21
10/25/2008Validation of Stresses Caused by Thermal Gradients in Segmental Concrete ConstructionHamilton, TreyUniversity of FloridaAnsley, MarcusBD545-10
6/30/2008Behavior of Standard Hook Anchorage Made with Corrosion Resistant ReinforcementHamilton, TreyUniversity of FloridaAnsley, MarcusBD545-40
3/31/2008Post-Tensioned Bridge Girder Anchorage Zone Enhancement with Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC)Tawfiq, KamalFlorida A & M UniversityAnsley, MarcusBDB14
3/31/2008Development of Improved Bridge Design Provisions for Barge Impact LoadingConsolazio, GaryUniversity of FloridaAnsley, MarcusBD545-29
2/29/2008Prevention of Splitting Failure at Ends of Prestressed Beams During FabricationCook, RonUniversity of FloridaAnsley, MarcusBD545-30
2/29/2008Long-Term Performance of Epoxy Concrete Filled Open Metal Grate DeckingMtenga, PrimusFlorida State UniversityAnsley, MarcusBDB12
2/11/2008Test Report for Removable Adhesive Anchors Potter, WillFDOTAnsley, Marcus
1/1/2008Aluminum Picket Weld TestPotter, WillFDOTAnsley, Marcus
8/1/2007Testing Bridge Decks with Near-Surface mounted FRP Bars Embedded in Cement Based GroutHamilton, TreyUniversity of FloridaAnsley, Marcus
7/31/2007Anchor Embedment Requirements for Signal/Sign StructuresCook, RonUniversity of FloridaAnsley, MarcusBD545-54
7/30/2007Lateral Bracing of Long-Span Florida Bulb-Tee GirdersConsolazio, GaryUniversity of FloridaAnsley, MarcusBD545-36
6/30/2007Development of Hurricane Resistant Cable Supported Traffic SignalsCook, RonUniversity of FloridaAnsley, MarcusBD545-57
6/30/2007Integrative Information System Design for Florida Department of TransportationCatbas, NecatiUniversity of Central FloridaAnsley, MarcusBD548-11
6/15/2007Test Report for NMB Splice System For Sound Barrier Wall Foundation ConnectionPotter, WillFDOTAnsley, Marcus
2/1/2007Initial Report on Testing of Beams Removed from I-75 Bridge over Main 'A' CanalAnsley, MarcusFDOT
12/12/2006Initial Report on Testing of Simulated Skyway Trestle Span BeamsAnsley, MarcusFDOT
3/31/2006Hub Assemblies for the Next Generation of Bascule BridgesBesterfield, GlenUniversity of South FloridaCherukara, ThomasBD544-17
2/28/2006St. George Island Bridge Pile TestingHamilton, TreyUniversity of FloridaAnsley, MarcusBD545-27
1/31/2006Crack Control in Toppings for Precast Flat Slab Bridge Deck ConstructionHamilton, TreyUniversity of FloridaAnsley, MarcusBD545-9
10/30/2005Barge Impact Testing of the St. George Island Causeway BridgeConsolazio, GaryUniversity of FloridaBollmann, HenryBC354-76
10/30/2005Barge Impact Testing of the St. George Island Causeway Bridge Geotechnical InvestigationMcVay, MichaelUniversity of FloridaBollmann, HenryBD545-5
10/30/2005Elastomeric Bearing Pads Under Combined LoadingMtenga, PrimusFlorida State UniversityAnsley, MarcusBC352-16
9/30/2005Probabilistic Assessment of Bridge Loading Concurrent with Permit VehiclesGurley, KurtisUniversity of FloridaAnsley, MarcusBD545-8
8/30/2005Alternatives for Precast Pile Splices: Part 1 & Alternatives for Precast Pile Splices: Part 2Cook, RonUniversity of FloridaAnsley, MarcusBC354-80
4/30/2005Field Verification of Camber Estimates for Prestressed Concrete Bridge GirdersCook, RonUniversity of FloridaAnsley, MarcusBD545-7
2/28/2005Acquisition of Laser-Based Data Measurement SystemsBloomquist, DavidUniversity of FloridaAnsley, MarcusBC354-87
6/31/2004Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) Structural InvestigationHamilton, TreyUniversity of FloridaAnsley, MarcusBD545-21
4/30/2004The Effect of Pressure-Grouting Drilled Shaft Tips on Bearing Capacity: Pressure-Grouting Phase 1 -- Pressure-Grouting Appendix 1 --Pressure-Grouting Phase 2 -- Pressure-Grouting Appendix 2Mullins, GaryUniversity of South FloridaLai, PeterBC165
4/30/2004CFRP Repair of Impact-Damaged Bridge Girders:               CFRP Summary 1 -- CFRP Volume 1 -- CFRP Summary 2 -- CFRP Volume 2Hamilton, TreyUniversity of FloridaAnsley, MarcusBC354-55
1/31/2004Vehicle Collision with Bridge PiersEl-Tawil, SherifUniversity of MichiganAnsley, MarcusBC355-6
12/31/2003Hub-Girder Bolt Assembly Without An Interference Fit In Bascule BridgesBesterfield, GlenUniversity of South FloridaEvans, JackBC353-35
11/30/2003Design Storm Surge Hydrographs for the Florida CoastSheppard, MaxUniversity of FloridaRenna, RickBC354-70
9/30/2003Barge Impact Testing of the St. George Island Causeway Bridge 2003Consolazio, GaryUniversity of FloridaBollmann, HenryBC354-56
9/1/2003Evaluations of Precast Box Culvert Systems:                 Summary 1 -- Part 1 -- Summary 2 -- Part 2Cook, RonUniversity of FloridaAnsley, MarcusBC354-47
8/30/2003Design Guidelines and Specifications for Engineered GroutsCook, RonUniversity of FloridaAnsley, MarcusBC354-48
8/31/2003Hybrid FRP-Concrete ColumnMirmiran, AmirNorth Carolina State UniversityAnsley, MarcusBD224
6/30/2003Large Scale and Live Bed Local Pier Scour Experiments: Phase 1 & Phase 2Sheppard, MaxUniversity of FloridaRenna, RickBB473
5/30/2003In-situ Rock Modulus ApparatusBullock, PaulUniversity of FloridaLai, PeterBC354-13
5/1/2003Parallel Plate Test of 36-inch Diameter Steel and Aluminum PipesAnsley, MarcusFDOT
3/30/2003Determine Optimum Depths of Drilled Shafts Subject to Combined Torsion and Lateral Loads Using Centrifuge TestingMcVay, MichaelUniversity of FloridaLai, PeterBC354-9
3/30/2003Calibrating Resistance Factors for Load and Resistance Factor Design for Statnamic Load TestingMcVay, MichaelUniversity of FloridaLai, PeterBC354-42
1/30/2003Study of Setup Behavior of Drilled ShaftsBullock, PaulUniversity of FloridaLai, PeterBC354-32
1/2/2003Flexural Crack Control in Concrete Bridge StructuresDeStefano, RalphFDOTEvans, Jack
1/1/2003Testing of Zurn Trench DrainsAnsley, MarcusFDOT
12/31/2002Post-Tensioning Grout Bleed, Duct, and Anchorage Protection TestHamilton, TreyUniversity of FloridaSessions, LarryBC354-73
12/30/2002Long Term Behavior of Geo-synthetic Reinforced Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Wall System Reddy, NavarreteFlorida Atlantic UniversityLai, PeterBC129
12/15/2002Application of Fiber Reinforced Concrete in the End Zones of Precast Prestressed Bridge GirdersYazdani, NurFAMU-FSUHuang, DongzhouBC386
11/30/2002Design, Construction and Evaluation of a Dual Tip PenetrometerBloomquist, DavidUniversity of FloridaLai, PeterBC354-10
11/15/2002Post-Installed Adhesive-Bonded Splices in Bridge DecksCook, RonUniversity of FloridaAnsley, MarcusBC354-2
10/30/2002Behavior and Design of Curved Composite Box Girder BridgesEl-Tawil, SherifUniversity of Central FloridaBeitelman, TomBC421
8/1/2002Experimental and Analytical Evaluation of Flexible Pipes for Culverts and Storm Sewers: Volume 1 & Volume 2Arockiasamy, M.Florida Atlantic UniversityBC775
6/1/2002Photographic Recording of the Application of Eposhield Into the Interstitial Area of Post-Tensioned StrandFDOTVan Hook, Johnathan
5/28/2002Developing Geotechnical Applications for the Fiber Optic Pore Water Pressure SensorConsentino, PaulFlorida Institute of TechnologyLai, PeterBC796
4/30/2002Determining the Effect of Stage Testing on the Dimensionless Pile Side Shear Setup FactorBullock, PaulUniversity of FloridaLai, PeterBC354-27
4/30/2002Reliability Validation of highway Bridges Designed By LRFDWang, Ton-LoFlorida International UniversityDongzhou, HuangBC814
4/24/2002Load Test on Sure-Lock Square Pile SpliceAnsley, MarcusFDOT
3/30/2002Improvement of Evaluation method for Existing Highway BridgesWang, Ton-LoFlorida International UniversityDongzhou, HuangBC818
3/1/2002Pullout Test on Barrier ReinforcingAnsley, MarcusFDOT
2/28/2002Evaluation of FEM Engineering Parameters from In-situ TestsTownsend, F.C.University of FloridaLai, PeterBC354-14
1/2/2002Investigation into the Structural Performance of MMFX ReinforcingAnsley, MarcusFDOT
1/1/2002Barge Impact Testing of the St. George Island Causeway Bridge Phase 1: Feasibility StudyConsolazio, GaryUniversity of FloridaBollmann, HenryBC354-23
11/1/2001Parametric Finite Element Modeling and Full-Scale Testing of Trunnion-Hub-Girder Assemblies for Bascule BridgesBesterfield, GlenUniversity of South FloridaCherukara, ThomasBC008
9/28/2001Development of agency Maintenance Repair & Rehabilitation (MR&R) Cost Data for Florida's Bridge Management SystemSobanjo, JohnFlorida State UniversityClark, JohnBB879
9/2/2001Structural Performance of ICP PHC PilesBeitelman, ThomasFDOT
9/1/2001Design Considerations for Integral Abutment Bridges in FloridaArockiasamy, M.Florida Atlantic UniversityBC342
8/1/2001Design Guidelines for Annular Base PlatesCook, RonUniversity of FloridaAnsley, MarcusBC354-4
7/3/2001Design of Concrete Bridge Girders Strengthened with CFRP LaminatesEl-Tawil, SherifUniversity of Central FloridaBeitelman, TomBC190
6/1/2001Review and Structural Investigation of Cracked Bridge DecksShahawy, MohsenSDR Engineering Consultants, IncC7801
5/30/2001Influence of Heavy Trucks on Highway BridgesWang, Ton-LoFlorida International UniversityHuang, DongzhouBC379
5/1/2001Long-Term Performance of Buried High Density Polyethylene Plastic PipingReddy, D.V.Florida Atlantic UniversityBB466
5/1/2001Three Dimensional Finite Element Program to Predict the Behavior of Soils and Substructure ComponentsMcVay, MichaelUniversity of FloridaLai, Peter0510834
2/6/2001Evaluation of Conventional Repair Techniques for Concrete BridgesArockiasamy, M.Florida Atlantic UniversityNickas, William0510847
12/1/2000Preliminary Analysis of Cracked U-Beam for Cross Florida Greenway land Bridge over I-75Shahawy, MohsenFDOTHuang, Dongzhou
11/20/2000Investigation of Fender Systems for Vessel ImpactYazdani, NurFAMU - FSUBhuvasorakul, Thavaj0510846
11/14/2000Condition Assessment of External P-T Tendons in the Mid bay BridgeGhorbanpoor, AlUniversity of Wisconsin
11/1/2000Deep Foundation DatabaseDavidson, JohnUniversity of Florida0510699
10/4/2000Effects of Boundary Conditions on Bridge PerformanceYazdani, NurFAMU-FSUNickas, William0510843
10/1/2000Influence of Heavy Trucks on Highway BridgesWang, Ton-LoFlorida International UniversityBB-379
8/3/2000Seal Slab/Pile Interface BondMullins, GrayUniversity of South FloridaIssa, Moussa0510844
8/1/2000Behavior of Axially Loaded Short Rectangular Columns Strengthened with CFRP Composite WrappingChaallal, OmarFDOT
7/15/2000Strength of Repaired PilesFischer, JeffreyUniversity of South FloridaNickas, William0510840
5/25/2000Use of Grout Pads For Sign and Lighting Structures Part 2 - Corrosion StudyCook, RonUniversity of FloridaAnsley, Marcus0510836
5/1/2000Initial Development of Methods for Assessing Condition of Post-Tensioned Tendons of Segmental BridgesSagues, A.A.University of South FloridaBC374
4/30/2000Strength and Durability of Backfill Geo-grids for Retaining WallsReddy, D.V.Florida Atlantic UniversityLai, Peter0510738
4/1/2000Performance Evaluation of Flexible Metal Pipes for Gravity Flow ApplicationsChaallal, OmarFDOT
3/30/2000Effect of Concrete Strength on the Performance of FRP Wrapped RC Column Under Combined Axial-Flexure LoadingChaallal, OmarFDOTShahawy, Mohsen
3/1/2000Use of Grout Pads for Sign and Lighting Structures Part-1 Structural EvaluationCook, RonUniversity of FloridaAnsley, MarcusBB512
1/1/2000Design, Testing and Specification of a mechanical Damping Device for Mast Arm Traffic Signal StructuresCook, RonUniversity of FloridaAnsley, MarcusBC050
1/1/2000Short-Term Tensile Strength of CFRP Laminates for Flexural Strengthening of Concrete GirdersOkeil, AymanUniversity of Central FloridaShahawy, Mohsen
11/1/1999Critical Evaluation of the Design Code Requirements for Development Length of Prestressing TendonsShahawy, MohsenFDOT
12/1/1999Synthesizing Commercial Shipping (Barge/Tug Trains) from Available Data for Vessel Collision DesignWang, Ton-LoFlorida International UniversityBB489
10/1/1999Testing of Pile-To-Pile Cap Moment Connection for 30" Prestressed Concrete Pile-PileIssa, MoussaFDOT
8/7/1999Study of Break-Away Sign Base ConnectionsPinelli, Jean-PaulFlorida Institute of TechnologyBB511
5/1/1999Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Retrofitted with Composite Wrapping SystemsChaallal, OmarFDOT
4/1/1999Evaluation of Plastic Piping for Culverts and Storm SewersReddy, D.V.Florida Atlantic UniversityKessler, R.
2/1/1999Experimental Investigation of Pile-Pile Splices for 30" Hollow Core Prestressed Concrete PilesIssa, MoussaFDOT
1/1/1999LRFD Flexural Provisions for PSC Bridge Girders Strengthened with CFRP LaminatesEl-Tawil, SherifUniversity of Central FloridaShahawy, MohsenBC190
12/1/1998Evaluation of Conventional Repair Techniques for Concrete BridgesArockiasamy, M.Florida Atlantic University
11/30/1998Studies on Carbon FRP (CFRP) Prestressed Concrete Bridge Columns and Piles in Marine Environment Arockiasamy, M.Florida Atlantic UniversityShahawy, MohsenB-9076
7/2/1998Testing of the Pedestrian Safety Handrail IIIssa, MoussaFDOT
7/1/1998Load Distribution on Highway Bridges based on Field Test Data: Phase IIIArockiasamy, M.Florida Atlantic UniversityShahawy, Mohsen0510668
6/10/1998Analysis and Modeling of Fiber-Wrapped Columns and Concrete-Filled TubesShahawy, MohsenFDOT
6/1/1998Experimental Evaluation of Dynamic Amplification for Evaluation of Bridge PerformanceChaallal, OmarUniversity of QuebecShahawy, Mohsen
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