Traffic Information

Transportation Data Analytics Office (TDA) Traffic Monitoring Program Welcome to the Florida Department of Transportation's Traffic Information site. This site provides statistical traffic information for Florida's State Highway System. The Transportation Data and Analytics Office coordinates the collection of traffic data on all State highways and many highways not on the State Highway System. Depending on location, traffic data may include daily counts, vehicle classification, speeds, weight, directional factor, truck factor, and design hour factor.

The Traffic Data Section operates a network of around 300 continuous traffic monitoring sites for daily transmittal to the Transportation Data and Analytics Office. The Section also coordinates the collection of short-duration traffic studies at thousands of sites by District personnel. Traffic data is collected from January through December of each year, and then converted into annual statistics during the 1st quarter of the next year. The annual traffic statistics are posted to the website by April of each year.

Statewide Traffic Data Files

Traffic Data

  • Florida Traffic Online - A web-based mapping application that provides traffic count site locations and historical traffic count data. Traffic data is updated annually each April. 2021 Traffic Data is available now.
  • Real-Time Traffic Information - A web-based mapping application that provides real-time traffic count information ( PLEASE NOTE: This data is only activated during emergencies such as hurricane, wildfire, etc.).
  • Non-Motorized Traffic Monitoring Program - Bicycle and pedestrian (Non-Motorized) volume data and supporting statistics.

Other Information

For further information contact CO FTI Team or phone (850) 414-4718