Teen Driver Safety

Florida’s statewide Teen Driver Safety program targets teen drivers age 15 to 19, by coaching and empowering them to educate their peers, parents and communities about teen safe driving. Topics include using safety belts, driving within the speed limit and based on road conditions, not driving impaired or distracted, and the crash risk associated with driving with multiple teen passengers. Selected projects address teen driving issues from several angles, and include both statewide projects and local efforts to address problems in specific geographic areas.

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Teen Driver Safety Subgrants:

FDOT is focused on finding strategic ways to help educate teen drivers to stay safe on Florida’s roadways. FDOT awards subgrants to local law enforcement agencies, local community organizations, and other agencies who are committed to its vision of driving down fatalities and helping teen drivers “Arrive Alive”.


For more information on FDOT grant funding please visit the FDOT State Safety Office Subgrant’s website: http://www.fdot.gov/safety/3-Grants/Grants-Home.shtm





2017 NHTSA Traffic Safety Facts- Young Driver


2017 NHTSA Traffic Safety Facts- Teen Drivers


NHTSA Teen Driving

 Florida Teen Safe Driving Coalition

Peer-to-Peer Teen Traffic Safety Program Guide

(March 2019; DOT HS 812 631)


Teen Coalition Meeting 


For more information contact Juanita Williams at Juanita.Donadson@dot.state.fl.us or (850) 414-4026



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