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The Florida Freight Advisory Committee (FLFAC) is charged with:

  • Advising the State on freight-related priorities, issues, projects, and funding needs;
  • Serving as a forum for discussion of State decisions affecting freight transportation;
  • Communicating and coordinating regional priorities with other organizations;
  • Promoting the sharing of information between the private and public sectors on freight issues; and
  • Participating in the development of the State's Freight Plan. 

This state advisory committee was developed in accordance to guidance provided in federal transportation legislation, including both the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21) and Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act.

Florida Freight Advisory Committee Leadership

According to the Florida Freight Advisory Committee (FLFAC) bylaws, the FLFAC Governing Board will consist of a Chair, Vice Chair, and a member of the Florida Department of Transportation, who will serve as an ex officio Administrative Director of the appointed Florida Freight Advisory Committee. Freight and Multimodal Operations Office Manager Rickey Fitzgerald serves as the Administrative Director.

Florida Freight Advisory Committee in the FDOT Context

In recognition of the significant role that freight mobility plays as an economic driver for the state, the Office of Freight, Logistics and Passenger Operations was created in December 2011. Working collaboratively on multimodal initiatives, the office includes the Aviation Office, the Freight and Multimodal Operations Office, the Seaports Office, the Spaceports Office, and Transit Office.

These offices continue to work with federal and local government partners in planning, coordination, financing, grant management, ridership, and regional analysis. These offices also serve as a tool to better connect, develop, and implement a planning process in order to maximize the use of the existing facilities and to integrate and coordinate the various modes of transportation, including the combined utilization of both government-owned and privately-owned resources.

The office works in conjunction with the other offices and organizations in the areas of operations, corridor planning, statistics, and further development of the Strategic Intermodal System (SIS) and other planning efforts.

District Freight Coordinators: Outreach and Communication 

To ensure stakeholder needs are addressed, while working to advance strategic objectives in a consistent, predictable, and repeatable manner, FDOT implemented seven full-time District Freight Coordinator positions throughout the state in 2014. FDOT’s District Freight Coordinators are point contacts for collaboration and outreach on statewide multimodal freight mobility initiatives throughout each distinct region of our Florida, including– highways, transit, air, marine, spaceports and rail. In addition, the coordinators are responsible for outreach and implementation activities relating to the Freight Mobility and Trade Plan.

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