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Florida 511




A study to evaluate two roadway facilities in the corridor to address a regional connection between the Turnpike / Sawgrass Expressway and I-95 and a local SW 10th Street roadway to address community mobility needs. These facilities will increase capacity, eliminate various existing operational and safety deficiencies along SW 10th Street between Florida’s Turnpike/Sawgrass Expressway and SR 9/I-95 and address multimodal needs along the corridor.


SW 10th Street from Florida’s Turnpike/Sawgrass Expressway to SR 9/I-95


The Florida Department of Transportation


SW 10th Street from Florida’s Turnpike to I-95 is a missing link in the existing and planned regional express lanes network. An improved local facility is also needed to address community and business traffic as well as provide for pedestrians and bicyclists.


Postponed Public Hearing on October 29th for the SW 10th ST connector and SR 9/1-95 from SW 10th ST to Hillsboro Blvd PD&E studies - Click Here for more information.