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As a key regional connection in Broward County, Florida, SW 10th Street currently serves as a critical transportation corridor for all types of traffic – ranging from residential, commuter, commercial, truck, freight, bicycle, and pedestrian. While these three miles of SW 10th Street are a critical link between I-95 and the Sawgrass Expressway, the corridor’s current use is that of an arterial roadway, not the regional limited access facility that was first envisioned by planners in the early 1970s, or by transportation officials in the 1980s when the land for the highway was purchased. As such, the current corridor has suffered from numerous safety incidents and has experienced traffic volumes far beyond what it was built to accommodate. In addition, the current arterial roadway is forced to accommodate both the regional long-distance through trips, while simultaneously serving the local business and residential community traffic of the adjacent property owners.

The SW 10th Street Connector Project will provide two roadways along SW 10th Street in Deerfield Beach, Florida. One roadway, the SW 10th Street connector lanes, will improve regional connectivity by connecting the Sawgrass Expressway with I-95. The other roadway, local SW 10th Street, will become a “Complete Street” that will incorporate a shared-use path and provide connectivity to all existing local properties and the local roadway network. The two roadways will work together to alleviate traffic congestion in the area, improve operations and safety, and improve emergency evacuation operations. The SW 10th Street Connector Project also includes improvements for I-95 at the SW 10th Street and Hillsboro Boulevard interchanges, and completion of 95 Express within the project limits.

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Traffic and Travel Time Benefits

Connector Connectivity

Community Benefits

I-95 at SW 10th Street Interchange


The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is in the preliminary design phase for the SW 10th Street Connector Project. FDOT will continue its close coordination with the City of Deerfield Beach and other regional municipal partners, commercial and residential property owners in the area, and other interested stakeholders, throughout the design and construction of the SW 10th Street Connector improvement projects.