County Road 510 Design Projects

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CSS Accordion

CR 510 Virtual Public Meeting - April 2021

CR 510 Public Hearing Presentation

Recommended Alternative

Environmental Concerns

Final Alternatives Evaluation Summary Matrix

NEPA Assignment

Project Compliance

Project Location

Purpose and Need


Right of Way Impacts

PD&E Study Schedule

Traffic Conditions

What is a PD&E Study?

Public Hearing Notice - April 2018

Air Quality Screening Test

Bridge Hydraulic Report

Draft Categorical Exclusion Type II - Sept. 2017

Contamination Screening Evaluation Report

Conceptual Stage Relocation Plan

Section 4(f) De Minimus Finding

Final Design Traffic Technical Memorandum

Final Design Traffic Technical Memorandum Appendices

Draft Mitigation Plan For Unavoidable Impacts To Essential Fish Habitat

Final Location Hydraulics Report

Natural Resources Evaluation

Final Noise Study Report

Final Preliminary Drainage Report

Draft Preliminary Engineering Report

Florida Scrub-Jay Habitat Mitigation Plan

Water Quality Impact Evaluation Checklist

Public Notice - Pond Siting Meeting for the CR 510 Project Development and Environment (PD&E) Study

Alternatives Public Workshop - Alternative Matrix

Alternatives Public Workshop - Environmental Concerns

Alternatives Public Workshop - Alternative #1

Alternatives Public Workshop - Alternative #2

Alternatives Public Workshop - Project Location Map

Alternatives Public Workshop - Project Segmentation

Alternatives Public Workshop - Purpose and Need

Alternatives Public Workshop - Project Schedule

Alternatives Public Workshop -What is a PD&E Study?

Draft Recommended Alternative - January 2018

Categorical Exclusion Type II - December 2017

CR 510 Draft Concept Plans – January 2018