County Road 510 Design Projects

About the Project

Segment 405606-7-52-01

  • District: Four
  • Project Letting:  8/28/2024
  • Anticipated Completion: 12/31/2026
  • Project Limits: CR 510 from CR 512 to 87th Street
  • Consultant – Consor Engineers, LLC.
  • FDOT Project Manager – Maria Formoso, P.E., P.M.P.
The purpose of the proposed project is to create additional capacity on CR 510 to achieve an acceptable Level of Service (LOS) on the facility in the future. While the roadway currently operates at an acceptable LOS, conditions will deteriorate below acceptable standards if no improvement occurs by 2035, as the roadway will have insufficient capacity to accommodate the future travel demand.

Project improvements for CR 510 from CR 512 to 87th Street (405606-7-52-01) include widening the corridor by adding two additional travel lanes and 7-ft buffered bicycle lanes. Pedestrian improvements include 6-ft wide sidewalks on both sides of the roadway, ADA ramps, and pedestrian crosswalk signals (countdown). Traffic signals will be upgraded to mast arms and will be interconnected with adjacent traffic signals. There will be lighting at the signalized intersections. There will be closed stormwater facilities with ponds for water quality treatment. There will be a new bus hub developed around the new proposed pond near the high school providing additional bus bays meeting level boarding and alighting area requirements. The CR 510 culvert near 89th Street will be replaced in-kind with a new box culvert. Water, wastewater, and reuse lines will be replaced or installed.

CR 510 is a critical east-west transportation corridor in Indian River County. It is an evacuation route that runs from the Atlantic Ocean to CR 512. The CR 510/CR 512 intersection is just east of the northern-most Interstate 95 (Exit 156) Interchange in Indian River County. There are two hurricane/disaster shelters within the project limits. Also, within the project limits is the North County Hub for the GoLine County Transportation system.

Five drainage basins were identified during the PD&E study within this project. A blend of existing and proposed drainage ponds is anticipated to treat runoff.