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Transportation related manufactured products are introduced to the Department from a variety of sources. Identified MOT (Maintenance of Traffic) devices, Traffic Operations equipment, hardware and manufactured products related to transportation are processed through the Product Evaluation Section of the Program Management Office. It establishes the process used for initial submittal, introduction, review and evaluation of these products. For products requiring pre-approval by the Department, this procedure also establishes the process used to create and maintain an APL (Approved Products List) which includes criteria applicable to requalification and removal of products.

The Product Evaluation Section acts as coordinators and provides guidance for those seeking to introduce manufactured products to the Department.

Based on initial information received from the manufacturer: The Product Evaluation Section determines which process is appropriate for a particular product by acting as liaison with the Technical Expert(s) in the Department office(s) with the appropriate technical expertise that facilitate the evaluation of the product. If multiple offices are involved, the Product Evaluation Section coordinates the multiple reviews. 

Karen Byram
Product Evaluation Administrator
(850) 414 - 4353

Missy Hollis
Product Evaluation Coordinator
(850) 414 - 4182

Sarah Smith
Product Evaluator
(850) 414 - 4776

NOTICE: Florida has a broad public records law. Most written communications to or from state officials are public records that will be disclosed upon request. Do not provide Proprietary Product information or Trade Secrets to our office unless specifically requested. Contact us if you have any questions.