SCRAP roadway and safety improvements delivered by Madison County_Image taken during road construction of NE Oak Road from CR 150 to end of pavementSmall County Road Assistance Program


The purpose of the SCRAP program is to assist small county governments in resurfacing and reconstructing county roads. Beginning in FY 2000 until FY 2010, and beginning again with FY 2013, up to $25 million annually is available to be allocated for the purposes of funding this program. Available funds are allocated to the districts based on the number of eligible counties. For example, if a district has 10 counties eligible for SCRAP, and there is a total of 31 eligible counties statewide, then the district’s allocation would be approximately 32.26% of the total available funding.

Per Section 339.2816, Florida Statutes, the term “small county” (specifically for the SCRAP) means any county that has a population of 75,000 or less according to the 1990 Federal census data. Small counties shall be eligible to compete for funds that have been designated for the SCRAP for resurfacing or reconstruction projects on county roads that were part of the county road system on June 10, 1995. Capacity improvement on county roads shall not be eligible for funding under the program.


Work Program Instructions for Small County Road Assistance Program

Florida Statutes - Small County Road Assistance Program

State Funded Program Forms


For more information regarding Small County Road Assistance Program, Please contact your
District Local Programs Office

For immediate assistance please contact
Samantha Samford - State Local Programs Administrator
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