SCRAP Delivered by Baker County_Resurfacing of CR 229 from I-10 to US 90State Grant Forms

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Agreements and Exhibits
525-010-60aState Funded Grant Agreement - Master BoilerplateWord Form
525-010-60bSupplemental State-Funded Grant AgreementWord Form
525-010-60cState Funded Grant Agreement -- CIGP (Municipality Letting) Word Form
525-010-60eAExhibit "A" - Project Description and ResponsibilitiesWord Form
525-010-60eBExhibit “B” - Schedule Of Financial AssistanceWord Form
525-010-60eCExhibit “C” - Engineer’s Certification Of ComplianceWord Form
525-010-60eDExhibit “D” - Recipient ResolutionWord Form
525-010-60eFExhibit “F” - Contract Payment RequirementsWord Form
525-010-60eHExhibit “H” - Alternative Advance Payment Financial ProvisionsWord Form
525-010-60eJExhibit “J” - State Financial Assistance (Florida Single Audit Act)Word Form
525-010-60eKExhibit “K” - Advance Project ReimbursementWord Form
525-010-60eOExhibit “O” - Terms and Conditions of Construction in Department Right of WayWord Form
525-010-54Local Programs Project Monitoring Status ReportWord Form
525-010-53Local Programs Invoicing TemplateExcel