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Local Agency Program Professional Services Procurement

A Local Agency may use consultant services for a variety of tasks in the Local Agency Program (LAP) including, but not limited to: planning; project development; preparation of design plans, specifications, and estimates; and construction engineering and inspection (CEI). The Department must ensure that when a Local Agency seeks Federal-Aid reimbursement for consultant services, the Local Agency is in compliance with the procedures in the LAP Manual, Section 287.055, Florida Statutes (F.S.), 23 CFR 172, the Federal Brooks Act (40 USC 1101-1104) and other applicable federal and state regulations.

The Local Agency shall use the LAP Checklist for Federally Funded Professional Services Contracts (Form No. 525-010-49) and may use the Department’s Acquisition of Professional Services Procedure (Topic 375-030-002) as references for developing procurement procedures for LAP projects.

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District Continuing Services Contracts Available for LAP Project Delivery

Districts may establish dedicated continuing services task work order driven contracts to be utilized exclusively for delivery of LAP projects, for Design and CEI phases of work. See Chapter 14 of the LP Manual for additional information on contract execution and oversight.

District 1 - N/A

District 2

  • Design Contracts: Element Engineering and STV, Inc.
  • CEI Contracts: Consor Engineers, LLC and DRMP, Inc.

District 3 - N/A

District 4 - Continuing Services for LAP Delivery of Design Services (Executed December 15, 2022)

  • Contract CAL58: Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.
  • Contract CAL73: Roadway Design Solutions, Inc.

District 5 - General continuing contract task order info may be found here.

  • Design Contracts: Protean Design Group
  • CEI Contracts: DRMP, Inc.

District 6 - N/A

District 7 - N/A