Professional Services Forms

Professional Services Forms

Forms are listed in alphabetical order

AFP  Forms and Instructions:  

Automated Fee Proposal Spreadsheet (9/1/2023) (v 5.04) (Must save target as an Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook - .xlsm) Note: Operating Margin applied to Direct Labor only

Automated Fee Proposal (v 4.*) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Automated Fee Proposal (v 4.*) CBT (Computer Based Training)

Automated Fee Proposal External User Guide (Updated 10/25/2021)

Other Forms:

Audit Certification Package for Professional Services Firms (Form #375-030-39)

Certification for Disclosure of Lobbying Activities on Federal Aid Contracts (Form #375-030-33)

Certification of Use of Subs & All Lower Tier Subs  (Form #375-030-40)

Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension, Ineligibility and Voluntary Exclusion for Federal Aid Contracts (Form #375-030-32)

Conflict of Interest/Confidentiality Certification Form (Form #375-030-50)

Consultant Affirmation (Form #375-030-18)

Disclosure of Lobbying Activities (Form # 375-030-34)

E-Verify (Form # 375-031-06)

Invoice Summary Sheet (Form # 375-030-5B)

Invoice Summary Sheet (Multi-Project/Task)  (Form # 375-030-5D)

MBE Planned Utilization (Form # 375-040-24)

One Page Invoice (Form # 375-030-5E)

Operating Margin Justification (Form # 375-030-82)

Prequalification Applications (Form # 375-030-001)

Project Manager Lump Sum Acknowledgement (Form # 375-030-94)

Professional Services Commitment Form (Form # 375-030-83)

Professional Services Expanded Letter of Response (Form # 375-030-23)

Professional Services Letter of Qualification for Use with Standard Note 1 Advertisements Only (Form # 375-030-24)

Professional Services Letter of Response  (Form # 375-030-22)

Self Certification of Accounting System and Reimbursement Rates (Form #375-030-51)

Simplified Self Certification for Non-Professional Services Firms (Form #375-030-92)

Truth-In-Negotiation Certification (Form #375-030-30)

Vendor Certification Regarding Scrutinized Companies Lists (Form #375-030-60)

The forms available in PDF require the use of Adobe Reader which is available from the Adobe Web site. This file type can be viewed, but must be filled in and printed manually.

The forms available in Excel and Powerpoint require the use of the appropriate Microsoft Office Viewer which is available from the  DOT Agency Resources Website Plug-Ins

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