Professional Services


Professional Services


Angela Matiyow, P.E.

State Professional Services Engineer

Phone: (850) 414-4481


Duties of the Professional Services Office


Section 287.055, F.S., the Consultants' Competitive Negotiation Act, requires procurement of professional services by competitive negotiation. The professional services procurement process may also be used for right-of-way services (337.107, F.S.) and planning services (337.1075, F.S.). Professional services procurement, as mandated by statute and Rule 14-75, Florida Administrative Code, involves a prequalification process, advertisement, and competitive selection of professional services consultants based on qualifications, followed by negotiations to establish a fair, competitive and reasonable fee for the desired services. The types of services statutorily designated as professional services are engineering; surveying and mapping; architecture; landscape architecture; planning; and right of way acquisition and management.

Announcements regarding projects requiring professional services may be viewed at the Professional Services Advertisements link of this web site. These announcements include Planned Consultant Projects, Current Professional Services Advertisements, Professional Services Selection Results(Shortlisted, Final Selections), These announcements require prequalification with the Department. A number of types of work have been established for which professional consultants are frequently used. Consultants desiring to compete for contracts in these standard types of work for professional services are required to renew their prequalification annually. Information on prequalification is available at the Prequalification link on the Procurement home page. Prequalification is coordinated through the Procurement Office (850-414-4477).

Prequalified consultants may respond to currently advertised projects with a letter of response typically limited to two pages. At least three firms will be shortlisted for each advertised project and will provide either written technical proposals, oral presentations, interviews, or a combination thereof depending on the complexity of the project. The contract fee will then be negotiated with the top ranked firm. To view a listing of Prequalified Consultants, go to thePrequalified Consultants Listings menu link. Professional services contracts procured in accordance with Section 287.055 Florida Statutes are not subject to the 1% MyFloridaMarketPlace transaction fee, pursuant to Rule 60A-1.032, Florida Administrative Code.