The Consultant Invoice Transmittal System (CITS) is an application developed to reduce the dependency on manually processed paper documents namely; Professional Services Contracts, Invoices, and supporting information. The system allows for the electronic generation and submittal of invoices by consultants over the Internet.
Access to CITS - Consultants interested in gaining access to CITS may complete and submit a   Corporate Access Request Package to FDOT Information Security Administration

CITS Payment Options - Prime Consultants can receive payments from CITS in the form of a paper check or through Direct Deposit (also known as Electronic Funds Transfer or EFT). To receive payment by check, you need to do no more than to register in MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP). To sign up for Direct Deposit, follow the instructions below.

Signing up for Direct Deposit:

A vendor can sign up for Direct Deposit by visiting the Department of Financial Services (DFS) Direct Deposit Web site. Please note that the vendor name in the Direct Deposit system and the vendor name in the MFMP vendor registration account must match exactly. There can be only one financial institution's account information on file for one federal tax identification number (SSN or FEIN). Payments cannot be sent to two or more financial institutions.

When vendors have completed the instructions on the DFS Direct Deposit Web site, they must send the completed original form to the address shown on the form. For questions, please call (850)413-5517. 
Note: Faxes or copies will not be accepted.

Currently Available Training            

CITS Training Manual for Consultants (Updated 8/5/2016) is available for on-line viewing to assist with many questions regarding the system. (Adobe Acrobat PDF file) NOTE: This file is very large, please allow time to load.

View the most recent FICE 2009 CITS Presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation - requires Microsoft PowerPoint) given at the October 2009 FICE training session.

CITS Project Management Training (Updated 8/5/2016) is available through this Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation - requires Microsoft PowerPoint.

Invoice Training For Project Managers (Updated 4/8/2017) is available through this Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation - requires Microsoft PowerPoint.

E-mail questions or comments regarding CITS to: Paul Baker

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