The following links are provided for the required reading needed to obtain access to FDOT IT Resources.


Florida Statutes


Public Records Law
Chapter 119, Florida Statutes

Safety and Security Services
Section 281.301, Florida Statutes

Communications and Data Processing
Chapter 282, Florida Statutes

Security of Data and Information Technology Resources Act
Section 282.318, Florida Statutes

Computer Related Crimes Law
Chapter 815, Florida Statutes

Florida Cybersecurity Standards
Chapter 60GG-2, Florida Administrative Code: Information Technology Standards

FDOT Specific Policies

Security and Use of Information Technology Resources (PDF)

Electronic Security for Public Records Exemptions  (PDF)

FDOT Internet Requirements  (PDF)

Distribution of Exempt Documents Concerning Department Structures and Confidential and Exempt Security System Plans (PDF)

FDOT IT Definitions  (PDF)