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Walking and bicycling are essential modes of travel. Safe and connected nonmotorized transportation facilities help increase mobility, public health, tourism and recreational activities to millions of Florida residents and visitors annually. It is the goal of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to maintain, operate and grow a statewide transportation system that promotes safety, mobility, and economic development. FDOT is working to ensure everyone has access to convenient and safe facilities for active transportation.

SUN Trail Reports

    • Coast to Coast Trail Traffic Control Assessment Report – Part 1
      • (click here for the: Report)
      • The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) conducted a planning level assessment of the traffic control at 210 unsignalized, at-grade trail crossings along more than 90 miles of the existing contiguous Coast to Coast (C2C) Trail throughout Pinellas, Pasco, and Hernando Counties within FDOT District Seven. The trail crossings exist along five segments of the C2C Trail, including the Pinellas Trail, Tri-County Trail, Starkey Boulevard Trail, Starkey Wilderness Trail, and Suncoast Trail. The assessment focused on the priority of the right-of-way assignment and the appropriate level of traffic control. This Report has eight sections including the introduction, methodology, summaries of crossings for each trail, traffic control strategies and conclusions.
    • Shared-Use Nonmotorized (SUN) Trail Transportation Use Study
      • (click here for the: Report and Overview Brochure)
      • The objective of this study was to develop objective procedures to collect, evaluate, examine, analyze, report, and store information on multi-use trails including transportation trips, trail traffic, trail characteristics and percentages of trail travelers to determine how (paved) multi-use trails support place-to-place/destination-to-destination travel and how travelers utilize and access the SUN Trail network. This study explores five trails in Central Florida with urban and rural conditions. Specifically, the study analyzes trail usage and data collected from the Cady Way Trail, the Orlando Urban Trail (not on SUN Trail network), the West Orange Trail, the Good Neighbor Trail, and the Pinellas Trail.
    • FDOT Research Center Publications
      • FDOT Contract Number BDV25-977-47 Research Report
        "Multimodal Data Inventory Evaluation to Improve FDOT's Roadway Classification Inventory"
        (click here for the: Summary and  Final Report)
        The objectives of this research were to determine a methodology of inventory of SUN Trail assets and identify an efficient data management design for hardware/software investment. Findings included recommendations for SUN Trail features and characteristics data to be collected to support management of the life cycle of trail assets and performance measurement.




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