Recently Completed Projects

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The most recently completed research projects:

ContractTitleOfficeSummaryFinal Report 
BE717Accelerated Weathering of Traffic Control Materials by Laboratory TestingMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV29-977-46Developing Florida-specific Mobility Enhancement Factors (MEFs) and Crash Modification Factors (CMFs) for TSM&O StrategiesTraffic Engineering SummaryFinal Report
BE535Straight Steel I-Girder Bridges with Skew Index Approaching 0.3StructuresSummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-33Implementation of Down-Hole Geophysical Testing for Rock SocketsGeotechnicalSummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-47Mitigation of Cracking in Florida Structural ConcreteMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV29-977-41Connected Vehicle to Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Support of Active Traffic ManagementTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-70Enhanced Characterization of RAP for Cracking PerformanceMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV27-977-15Evaluation of Truck Tonnage Estimation MethodologiesPlanning: Forecasting & TrendsSummaryFinal Report
BDV30-977-26Development of the Optimization Model for Improving Safety at Rail Crossings in FloridaFreight and MultimodalSummaryFinal Report
BDV29-977-38Data and Modeling Support of Off-Line and Real-Time Decisions Associated with Integrated Corridor ManagementTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV29-977-50Strategies to Mitigate Wrong-way Driving Incidents on ArterialsTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-43Understanding Interactions between Drivers and Pedestrian Features at Signalized Intersections, Phase 3SafetySummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-58Evaluation of Techniques to Remove Defective Grout from Post-Tensioning TendonsStructuresSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-50Commercial Heavy Vehicle Impacts on Signalized Arterial Corridor PerformanceTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-44Evaluation of Arterial Corridor Improvements and Traffic Management Plans in FloridaTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-87Toward a More Efficient Network Structure for Travel Demand ModelingPlanning: Forecasting and TrendsSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-44Integration of a Robust Automated Pedestrian Detection System for Signalized IntersectionsTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-60Quality Assurance Review of Intersection Lighting RetrofitsRoadway DesignSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-54Pilot Implementation for Preventing Incorrect Turns at Highway-Rail Grade CrossingsFreight and MultimodalSummaryFinal Report
BDV29-977-30Feasibility of Using Video Image Detectors for Ramp Signal Operations and Performance MonitoringTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-57Assessment of Planning Risks and Alternative Futures for the Florida Transportation Plan Update - USFPlanning: Policy Final Report
BDV30-977-25Assessment of Planning Risks and Alternative Futures for the Florida Transportation Plan Update - FSUPlanning: Policy Final Report
BDV31-977-98Assessment of Planning Risks and Alternative Futures for the Florida Transportation Plan Update - UFPlanning: Policy Final Report
BE385Develop Statistical Models Quantifying the Relationship Between Pavement Surface Friction Characteristics and Traffic Accident RatesMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV24-977-22Integrated Freeway/Arterial Active Traffic ManagementTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-48Autonomous Vehicle (AV) and Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Florida Market Penetration Rate and VMT Assessment StudyPlanning: PolicySummaryFinal Report
BDV28-977-05Design Phase Evaluations of High Pile Rebound Soils with an Emphasis on Standard Penetration TestingMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-24Development of Tendon Imaging SensorMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV32-977-05Before-and-After Implementation Studies of Advanced Signal Control Technologies in FloridaTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV29-977-31Large Truck Crash Analysis for Freight Mobility and Safety Enhancement in FloridaFreight & Multimodal OperationsSummaryFinal Report
BDV28-977-06Confinement Effect of Metal Railing Narrow Baseplates on Adhesive Anchor BreakoutStructuresSummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-41Macro Synthetic Fiber Reinforcement for Improved Structural Performance of Concrete Bridge GirdersStructuresSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-47Multimodal Data Inventory Evaluation to Improve FDOT's Roadway Classification InventoryData & AnalyticsSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-51Enhancing Cybersecurity in Public TransportationTransitSummaryFinal Report
BDV30-977-21Civil Engineering Support for the Traffic Monitoring ProgramData & AnalyticsSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-462018 Assessment of the Practice of Public Involvement in FloridaPlanning: PolicySummaryFinal Report
BDV24-977-26Human Factors Study on the Use of Colors for Express Lane DelineatorsTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-52Field Demonstration of Tendon Imaging MethodsMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV24-977-24Development of Statistical Models to Predict the Compressibility of Florida's SoilsMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV29-977-26Susceptibility of Bridge Steel and Concrete Components to Microbiological Influenced Corrosion (MIC) and Microbiological Influenced Deterioration (MID) in FloridaMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV27-977-12Development of a Traffic Map Evaluation Tool for Traffic Management Center ApplicationsTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV29-977-27Assessment of the Performance of Vehicular Traffic Signal Assemblies During Hurricane Force WindsTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-28Effects of Blast Furnace Slag Characteristics on Durability of Cementitious Systems for Florida Concrete StructuresMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-81Truck Taxonomy and Classification using Video and Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) TechnologyData & AnalyticsSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-49Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and Transit Agency Planning CoordinationPlanning: Policy SummaryFinal Report
BDV30-977-19Development of Safety Performance Functions for Restricted Crossing U-Turn (RCUT) IntersectionsTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV29-977-20Development of a Test Method for Assessing the Performance of Vehicular Traffic Signal Assemblies During Hurricane Force WindsTraffic Engineering
SummaryFinal Report
BDV34-977-05Degradation Mechanisms and Service Life Estimation for Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Concrete Reinforcements
MaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV24-977-31Investigation of Low Visibility Related Crashes in FloridaTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BE321Structural Coefficient for High Polymer Modified Asphalt MixesRoadway DesignSummaryFinal Report
BDV29-977-37Estimation of System Performance and Technology Impacts to Support Future Year Planning
Planning: Forecasting and TrendsSummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-102Effect of Proximity of Sheet Pile Walls on the Apparent Capacity of Driven Displacement Piles, Phase 2
Geotechnical EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV24-977-21Dynamic Flashing Yellow Arrow - A Study on Variable Left Turn Mode Operational and Safety Impacts - Phase IIITraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-94Requirements for Use of Field-Cast, Proprietary Ultra-High Performance Concrete in Florida Structural ApplicationsMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV24-977-19Field Study of Recycled Concrete Aggregate in French DrainMaterialsSummary Final Report
BDV31-977-51Strength Envelopes for Florida Rock and Intermediate GeomaterialsGeotechnical EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV34-977-09Reinforced Concrete Foundation Remote ModelingMaterials SummaryFinal Report 
BDV29-977-35Evaluation of the Effect of Homogeneity of the Asphalt Binder on Performance of a Recycled MixMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV34-977-11Exploring the Modified Procurement Framework for Expediting Florida Connected Vehicle (CV) DeploymentsTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV34-977-06Application of Microbial Induced Calcite Precipitation to Stabilize Florida High-Organic Matter Soils for Roadway ConstructionMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BE287Evaluation of FC-5 with PG 76-22 HP to Reduce RavelingMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-45Understanding Ridership Trends in TransitTransitSummary Final Report
BDV27-977-09Chloride Diffusivity and Resistivity of Cured and Mature Binary/Ternary ConcreteMaterialsSummary Final Report
BDV25-977-53Re-evaluation of LRFD Resistance Factors for Driven PilesStructuresSummaryFinal Report
BDV30-977-18Performance Evaluation of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) Reinforcing Bars Embedded in Concrete Under Aggressive EnvironmentsMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-23Performance Improvement of High Early Strength (HES) Concrete for Pavement Replacement SlabsMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV29-977-34Development of Quality Assurance and Quality Control System for Post Tensioned Segmental Bridges in Florida: Case of Ringling Bridge - Phase IIMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-40Testing and Evaluation of Freeway Wrong-Way Driving Detection SystemsTraffic Engineering SummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-42Determination of  Traffic Adjustment Factors for Florida's High Tourist Activity SitesData & AnalyticsSummaryFinal Report
BDV34-977-10Evaluation of Incident Response Improvements for Statewide Application: Learnings from the New Regional Traffic Management Center in Jacksonville, FLTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BE194High Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) Asphalt Mixes for Low Volume RoadsMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV27-977-10Corrosion Prevention of Bridge Tendons using Flexible Filler MaterialsMaterialsSummaryFinal Report


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