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Recently Completed Projects

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The most recently completed research projects:

ContractTitleOfficeSummaryFinal Report 
BDV34-977-08Long Distance Wireless Radio Frequency Link for the ITS Statewide NetworkTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
Application of Dynamic Crash Prediction Methodologies to FDOT Safety and Transportation System Management and Operational (TSM&O) Programs
Traffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV29-977-49Guidelines for Installing Pedestrian Treatments at Midblock LocationsTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV27-977-17Crash Risk for Low-Income and Minority Populations: An Examination of At-risk Population Segments and Underlying Risk FactorsTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV29-977-56Assessing the Health Impacts of Transportation Projects - a SynthesisPlanningSummaryFinal Report
BDV27-977-16Non-Contact Scour Monitoring for Highway BridgesRoadway DesignSummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-100Durability Evaluation of Ternary Mix Designs for Extremely Aggressive Exposures Phase IIMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV29-977-53Identifying and Tracking Emerging Transportation Trends and IndicatorsPlanning: Forecasting & TrendsSummaryFinal Report
BDV24-977-25Innovative and Integrative Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Surface and Groundwater ProtectionRoadway DesignSummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-78Design and Construction of an Integrated Solar Lighting Pedestrian Crosswalk(s) and Sidewalks with Enhanced VisibilityTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-77Data Management and Analytics for UF Smart TestbedResearch CenterSummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-101Hybrid Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girders using Ultra-High Performance ConcreteStructuresSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-55Assessment of 5310 Program Utilization and Development of Strategies to Optimize Mobility Services for Seniors and Persons with DisabilitiesTransitSummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-119Life Cycle Costs and Benefits Analysis of Freight Transportation ProjectsPlanning: Forecasting and TrendsSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-35Evaluation of Corrosion Inhibiting Materials Applied by Impregnation (Pressure Injection) Methods to Prevent Corrosion of Post-Tensioned TendonsMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-56Quantifying the Duration of the Corrosion Propagation Stage in Stainless Steel ReinforcementMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV24-977-32A Roadway Context Classification Approach for Developing Safety Performance Functions and Determining Traffic Operational Effects for Florida IntersectionsTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-25Evaluation of Self Consolidating Concrete and Class IV Concrete Flow in Drilled ShaftsMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-113University of Florida Testbed Initiative - Transit Components (Smart Bus Bike Rack System)TransitSummaryFinal Report
BDV24-977-29Comparison of Standard Penetration Test (SPT) N-value with Alternative Field Test Methods in Determining Moduli for Settlement PredictionsGeotechnicalSummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-118Identification of Tourist Flows in Florida to Support Development of Tourist Travel Module for FDOT Florida Transportation ModelPlanning: Forecasting and TrendsSummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-103I-STREET Initiative - Evaluation of Intelligent School Zone Beacon and Vehicle-Cyclist Detection and Warning SystemTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-108Geo-Statistical Deep Foundation Design SoftwareGeotechnicalSummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-66Bearing Capacity Factors for Shallow Foundations Subject to Combined Lateral and Axial LoadingGeotechnicalSummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-130Testing Methods to Assess the Durability of Concrete Permeability Reducing AdmixturesMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-111Timely, Dynamic, and Spatially Accurate Roadway Incident Information to Support Real-Time Management of Traffic OperationsTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-75Clear Recovery Zone Vegetation Requirements, and Review of Current Tree Pruning and Maintenance Practices for Landscape, Urban and Rural Areas within the Right of WayMaintenanceSummaryFinal Report
BDV27-977-14Evaluation of Freight and Transit Signal Priority Strategies in Multi-Modal Corridor for Improving Transit Service Reliability and EfficiencyTransitSummaryFinal Report
BDV29-977-47The Impacts of Emerging Mobility Options and Vehicle Technologies on Travel BehaviorPlanning: Forecasting & TrendsSummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-83Evaluation of the Cracking Performance of Asphalt Binders at Intermediate TemperaturesMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-37Load and Resistance Factors Design (LRFD) Resistance Factors for Tip Grouted Drilled ShaftsGeotechnicalSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-39Florida Airport Sustainability Tracking/Monitoring SystemAviationSummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-91Implementation of Measuring While Drilling Shafts in Florida (FLMWDS)MaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BE585Development of a Procedure for Evaluating and Approving Liquid Anti-Strip AgentsMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV24-977-27Evaluation of Innovative Alternative Intersection Designs in the Development of Safety Performance Functions and Crash Modification FactorsTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BE555Study of Anti-Strip Additives on Granite Based FC-5 Asphalt MixturesMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV24-977-20Optimal Design of Stormwater Basins with Bio-Sorption Activated Media (BAM) in Karst Environments - Phase II: Field Testing of BMPsRoadway DesignSummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-82Sinkhole Detection with 3-D Full Elastic Seismic Waveform TomographyMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BE695Impact of Heavy Trucks and Permitted Overweight Loads on Highways and Bridges Now and in the Future Versus Permit Fees, Truck Registration Fees, and Fuel TaxesMaintenanceSummaryFinal Report
BDV28-977-07Quantifying Pile Rebound with Deflection Measuring Systems Best Suited for Florida SoilsMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-97Traffic-event Unification System Highlighting Arterial RoadsTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BE570Enhanced Hydroplaning Prediction ToolMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-61Measuring the Impact of Florida Scenic Highway DesignationRoadway DesignSummaryFinal Report
BDV27-977-11Durability of Fiber Reinforced Concrete Pipe Exposed to Florida Aggressive EnvironmentsMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV29-977-42Incorporating Reliability Measures into the Freight Project Prioritization Decision Support SystemFreight and MultimodalSummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-23Field Testing and Calibration of the Vertical and Horizontal Insitu PermeameterMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV24-977-30Using Smartphone as On Board Unit (OBU) Emulator Implementation StudyTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BE717Accelerated Weathering of Traffic Control Materials by Laboratory TestingMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV29-977-46Developing Florida-specific Mobility Enhancement Factors (MEFs) and Crash Modification Factors (CMFs) for TSM&O StrategiesTraffic Engineering SummaryFinal Report
BE535Straight Steel I-Girder Bridges with Skew Index Approaching 0.3StructuresSummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-33Implementation of Down-Hole Geophysical Testing for Rock SocketsGeotechnicalSummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-47Mitigation of Cracking in Florida Structural ConcreteMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV29-977-41Connected Vehicle to Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Support of Active Traffic ManagementTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-70Enhanced Characterization of RAP for Cracking PerformanceMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV27-977-15Evaluation of Truck Tonnage Estimation MethodologiesPlanning: Forecasting & TrendsSummaryFinal Report
BDV30-977-26Development of the Optimization Model for Improving Safety at Rail Crossings in FloridaFreight and MultimodalSummaryFinal Report
BDV29-977-38Data and Modeling Support of Off-Line and Real-Time Decisions Associated with Integrated Corridor ManagementTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV29-977-50Strategies to Mitigate Wrong-way Driving Incidents on ArterialsTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-43Understanding Interactions between Drivers and Pedestrian Features at Signalized Intersections, Phase 3SafetySummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-58Evaluation of Techniques to Remove Defective Grout from Post-Tensioning TendonsStructuresSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-50Commercial Heavy Vehicle Impacts on Signalized Arterial Corridor PerformanceTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-44Evaluation of Arterial Corridor Improvements and Traffic Management Plans in FloridaTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-87Toward a More Efficient Network Structure for Travel Demand ModelingPlanning: Forecasting and TrendsSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-44Integration of a Robust Automated Pedestrian Detection System for Signalized IntersectionsTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-60Quality Assurance Review of Intersection Lighting RetrofitsRoadway DesignSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-54Pilot Implementation for Preventing Incorrect Turns at Highway-Rail Grade CrossingsFreight and MultimodalSummaryFinal Report
BDV29-977-30Feasibility of Using Video Image Detectors for Ramp Signal Operations and Performance MonitoringTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-57Assessment of Planning Risks and Alternative Futures for the Florida Transportation Plan Update - USFPlanning: Policy Final Report
BDV30-977-25Assessment of Planning Risks and Alternative Futures for the Florida Transportation Plan Update - FSUPlanning: Policy Final Report
BDV31-977-98Assessment of Planning Risks and Alternative Futures for the Florida Transportation Plan Update - UFPlanning: Policy Final Report
BE385Develop Statistical Models Quantifying the Relationship Between Pavement Surface Friction Characteristics and Traffic Accident RatesMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV24-977-22Integrated Freeway/Arterial Active Traffic ManagementTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-48Autonomous Vehicle (AV) and Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Florida Market Penetration Rate and VMT Assessment StudyPlanning: PolicySummaryFinal Report
BDV28-977-05Design Phase Evaluations of High Pile Rebound Soils with an Emphasis on Standard Penetration TestingMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-24Development of Tendon Imaging SensorMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV32-977-05Before-and-After Implementation Studies of Advanced Signal Control Technologies in FloridaTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV29-977-31Large Truck Crash Analysis for Freight Mobility and Safety Enhancement in FloridaFreight & Multimodal OperationsSummaryFinal Report
BDV28-977-06Confinement Effect of Metal Railing Narrow Baseplates on Adhesive Anchor BreakoutStructuresSummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-41Macro Synthetic Fiber Reinforcement for Improved Structural Performance of Concrete Bridge GirdersStructuresSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-47Multimodal Data Inventory Evaluation to Improve FDOT's Roadway Classification InventoryData & AnalyticsSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-51Enhancing Cybersecurity in Public TransportationTransitSummaryFinal Report
BDV30-977-21Civil Engineering Support for the Traffic Monitoring ProgramData & AnalyticsSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-462018 Assessment of the Practice of Public Involvement in FloridaPlanning: PolicySummaryFinal Report
BDV24-977-26Human Factors Study on the Use of Colors for Express Lane DelineatorsTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-52Field Demonstration of Tendon Imaging MethodsMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV24-977-24Development of Statistical Models to Predict the Compressibility of Florida's SoilsMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV29-977-26Susceptibility of Bridge Steel and Concrete Components to Microbiological Influenced Corrosion (MIC) and Microbiological Influenced Deterioration (MID) in FloridaMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV27-977-12Development of a Traffic Map Evaluation Tool for Traffic Management Center ApplicationsTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV29-977-27Assessment of the Performance of Vehicular Traffic Signal Assemblies During Hurricane Force WindsTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-28Effects of Blast Furnace Slag Characteristics on Durability of Cementitious Systems for Florida Concrete StructuresMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-81Truck Taxonomy and Classification using Video and Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) TechnologyData & AnalyticsSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-49Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and Transit Agency Planning CoordinationPlanning: Policy SummaryFinal Report
BDV30-977-19Development of Safety Performance Functions for Restricted Crossing U-Turn (RCUT) IntersectionsTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV29-977-20Development of a Test Method for Assessing the Performance of Vehicular Traffic Signal Assemblies During Hurricane Force WindsTraffic Engineering
SummaryFinal Report
BDV34-977-05Degradation Mechanisms and Service Life Estimation for Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Concrete Reinforcements
MaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV24-977-31Investigation of Low Visibility Related Crashes in FloridaTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BE321Structural Coefficient for High Polymer Modified Asphalt MixesRoadway DesignSummaryFinal Report
BDV29-977-37Estimation of System Performance and Technology Impacts to Support Future Year Planning
Planning: Forecasting and TrendsSummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-102Effect of Proximity of Sheet Pile Walls on the Apparent Capacity of Driven Displacement Piles, Phase 2
Geotechnical EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV24-977-21Dynamic Flashing Yellow Arrow - A Study on Variable Left Turn Mode Operational and Safety Impacts - Phase IIITraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV31-977-94Requirements for Use of Field-Cast, Proprietary Ultra-High Performance Concrete in Florida Structural ApplicationsMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV24-977-19Field Study of Recycled Concrete Aggregate in French DrainMaterialsSummary Final Report
BDV31-977-51Strength Envelopes for Florida Rock and Intermediate GeomaterialsGeotechnical EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV34-977-09Reinforced Concrete Foundation Remote ModelingMaterials SummaryFinal Report 
BDV29-977-35Evaluation of the Effect of Homogeneity of the Asphalt Binder on Performance of a Recycled MixMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV34-977-11Exploring the Modified Procurement Framework for Expediting Florida Connected Vehicle (CV) DeploymentsTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BDV34-977-06Application of Microbial Induced Calcite Precipitation to Stabilize Florida High-Organic Matter Soils for Roadway ConstructionMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BE287Evaluation of FC-5 with PG 76-22 HP to Reduce RavelingMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-45Understanding Ridership Trends in TransitTransitSummary Final Report
BDV27-977-09Chloride Diffusivity and Resistivity of Cured and Mature Binary/Ternary ConcreteMaterialsSummary Final Report
BDV25-977-53Re-evaluation of LRFD Resistance Factors for Driven PilesStructuresSummaryFinal Report
BDV30-977-18Performance Evaluation of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) Reinforcing Bars Embedded in Concrete Under Aggressive EnvironmentsMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-23Performance Improvement of High Early Strength (HES) Concrete for Pavement Replacement SlabsMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV29-977-34Development of Quality Assurance and Quality Control System for Post Tensioned Segmental Bridges in Florida: Case of Ringling Bridge - Phase IIMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-40Testing and Evaluation of Freeway Wrong-Way Driving Detection SystemsTraffic Engineering SummaryFinal Report
BDV25-977-42Determination of  Traffic Adjustment Factors for Florida's High Tourist Activity SitesData & AnalyticsSummaryFinal Report
BDV34-977-10Evaluation of Incident Response Improvements for Statewide Application: Learnings from the New Regional Traffic Management Center in Jacksonville, FLTraffic EngineeringSummaryFinal Report
BE194High Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) Asphalt Mixes for Low Volume RoadsMaterialsSummaryFinal Report
BDV27-977-10Corrosion Prevention of Bridge Tendons using Flexible Filler MaterialsMaterialsSummaryFinal Report