Recent Completed Projects

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The most recently completed research projects: 

Contract Title Office Summary Final Report 
BDV31-977-51 Strength Envelopes for Florida Rock and Intermediate Geomaterials Geotechnical Engineering Summary Final Report
BDV34-977-09 Reinforced Concrete Foundation Remote Modeling Materials  Summary Final Report 
BDV29-977-35 Evaluation of the Effect of Homogeneity of the Asphalt Binder on Performance of a Recycled Mix Materials Summary Final Report
BDV34-977-11 Exploring the Modified Procurement Framework for Expediting Florida Connected Vehicle (CV) Deployments Traffic Engineering Summary Final Report
BDV34-977-06 Application of Microbial Induced Calcite Precipitation to Stabilize Florida High-Organic Matter Soils for Roadway Construction Materials Summary Final Report
BE287 Evaluation of FC-5 with PG 76-22 HP to Reduce Raveling Materials Summary Final Report
BDV25-977-45 Understanding Ridership Trends in Transit Transit Summary  Final Report
BDV27-977-09 Chloride Diffusivity and Resistivity of Cured and Mature Binary/Ternary Concrete Materials Summary  Final Report
BDV25-977-53 Re-evaluation of LRFD Resistance Factors for Driven Piles Structures Summary Final Report
BDV30-977-18 Performance Evaluation of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) Reinforcing Bars Embedded in Concrete Under Aggressive Environments Materials Summary Final Report
BDV25-977-23 Performance Improvement of High Early Strength (HES) Concrete for Pavement Replacement Slabs Materials Summary Final Report
BDV29-977-34 Development of Quality Assurance and Quality Control System for Post Tensioned Segmental Bridges in Florida: Case of Ringling Bridge - Phase II Materials Summary Final Report
BDV25-977-40 Testing and Evaluation of Freeway Wrong-Way Driving Detection Systems Traffic Engineering Summary Final Report
BDV25-977-42 Determination of  Traffic Adjustment Factors for Florida's High Tourist Activity Sites Data & Analytics Summary Final Report
BDV34-977-10 Evaluation of Incident Response Improvements for Statewide Application: Learnings from the New Regional Traffic Management Center in Jacksonville, FL Traffic Engineering Summary Final Report
BE194 High Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) Asphalt Mixes for Low Volume Roads Materials Summary Final Report
BDV27-977-10 Corrosion Prevention of Bridge Tendons using Flexible Filler Materials Materials Summary Final Report


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