Recent Completed Projects

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The following projects are the ten most recently completed research projects. 

Contract Title Office Summary Final Report 
BDV25-977-36 Florida Aviation Activity Forecast Methodologies and Tools Development  Aviation  Summary  Final Report
BDV28-977-04 Development and Testing of the Miniaturized Pavement Pressuremeter for Use in Unbound Pavement Layers Materials  Summary Final Report
BDV24-977-15 Evaluating the Benefits of Multi-Modal Investments on Promoting Travel Mobility in Central Florida Traffic Engineering & Operations Summary Final Report
BDV31-977-67 Geospatial Model for Identifying Transportation Service Availability Gaps for Florida's Vulnerable Populations Traffic Engineering & Operations Summary Final Report
BDV31-977-22 Advanced Analysis, Validation and Optimization of Virtual Cement and Concrete Testing Materials Summary Final Report
BDV24-977-17 Development of a Sinkhole Risk Evaluation Program Materials Summary Final Report
BDV25-977-38 Development of Calcined Clays as Pozzolanic Additions in Portland Cement Concrete Mixtures Materials Summary Final Report
BDV31-977-31 Evaluation of Shelf Life in Post-Tensioning Grouts Materials Summary Final Report
BDV25-977-21 Study on Motorcycle Safety in Negotiation with Horizontal Curves in Florida and Development or Crash Modification Factors Traffic Engineering & Operations Summary Final Report
BDV25-977-19 Effect of Polymer Slurry Stabilization on Drilled Shaft Side Shear Over Time Geotech Summary Final Report


Recent Active Projects

The following projects are the ten most recently begun research projects. 

Contract Title Office TRB RiP
BDV25-977-59 Durability of Cementitious Systems Incorporating Calcined Low-Grade Kaolin Clays Materials RiP
BDV24-977-30 Using Smartphone as On Board Unit (OBU) Emulator Implementation Study
Traffic Engineering & Operations RiP
BDV24-977-32 A Roadway Context Classification Approach for Developing Safety Performance Functions and Determining Traffic Operational Effects for Florida Intersections
Traffic Engineering & Operations RiP
BDV29-977-46 Developing Florida-specific Mobility Enhancement Factors (MEFs) and Crash Modification Factors (CMFs) for TSM&O Strategies
Traffic Engineering & Operations RiP
BDV30-977-26 Development of the Optimization Model for Improving Safety at Rail Crossings in Florida Freight Logistics & Passenger Operations RiP
BDV31-977-101 Hybrid Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girders using Ultra-High Performance Concrete
Structures RiP
BDV31-977-103 I-STREET Initiative - Evaluation of Intelligent School Zone Beacon and Vehicle-Cyclist Detection and Warning System
Traffic Engineering & Operations RiP
BDV31-977-102 Effect of Proximity of Sheet Pile Walls on the Apparent Capacity of Driven Displacement Piles, Phase 2 Geotech RiP
BDV24-977-31 Investigation of Low Visibility Related Crashes in Florida Traffic Engineering & Operations RiP
BDV31-977-104 Investigation of the Impact of Milling and Construction on the Bond Strength of Remaining Thin (Scab) Layers
Materials RiP

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