Recent Completed Projects

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The following projects are the ten most recently completed research projects. 

Contract Title Office Summary Final Report 
BDV29-977-34 Development of Quality Assurance and Quality Control System for Post Tensioned Segmental Bridges in Florida: Case of Ringling Bridge - Phase II Materials Summary Final Report
BDV25-977-40 Testing and Evaluation of Freeway Wrong-Way Driving Detection Systems Traffic Engineering & Operations Summary Final Report
BDV25-977-42 Determination of  Traffic Adjustment Factors for Florida's High Tourist Activity Sites Data & Analytics Summary Final Report
BDV34-977-10 Evaluation of Incident Response Improvements for Statewide Application: Learnings from the New Regional Traffic Management Center in Jacksonville, FL Traffic Engineering & Operations Summary Final Report
BE194 High Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) Asphalt Mixes for Low Volume Roads Materials Summary Final Report
BDV27-977-10 Corrosion Prevention of Bridge Tendons using Flexible Filler Materials Materials Summary Final Report
BDV25-977-41 Florida Access Management Benchmarking Study Systems Implement. Summary Final Report
BDV27-977-08 Corrosion Propagation of Carbon Steel Rebars in High Performance Concrete Materials Summary  Final Report
BDV25-977-36 Florida Aviation Activity Forecast Methodologies and Tools Development Aviation Summary  Final Report
BDV28-977-04 Development and Testing of the Miniaturized Pavement Pressuremeter for Use in Unbound Pavement Layers Materials Summary Final Report


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