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The following are common questions from the motoring public about Florida's Motor Carrier operations along with associated answers to these questions.


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Are rental trucks required to enter weigh stations (i.e. moving trucks)? What if I'm pulling a rental trailer with my personal vehicle?
Where can I find employment information about working at a weigh station?
Are Weigh Stations open on the weekend?
Regarding tandem recreational towing; I have a crew cab pick-up truck and a 21.5 ft travel trailer. I would like to tow my golf cart behind the travel trailer on a small utility trailer. I would like to know the maximum vehicle length also.
Are there pay phones at the comfort/inspection barns or in the weigh stations?
Where can I obtain an oversize permit? What are the rules for overweight and overdimensional permits?
Where can I find information about transporting hazardous materials?
How do I pay a citation that I received at the weigh station? May a weight citation be protested before making payment?
Where can I find information on Commercial Driver's Licenses (CDL) requirements?
What is the legal height in Florida?
Where can I find information on escort training in Florida?
How do I obtain an IRP/Fuel Trip Permit? Can IRP and IFTA permits be purchased at the state-line weigh stations?
How many trailers may a straight truck tow?
To be allowed a 53-57 foot trailer, how is the king pin measurement measured on a trailer with a split rear axle?
What is a 10% permit? Can a tire sized vehicle use a divisible load permit (10% permit)? Is the over-width portion of a 10% permit valid on the interstate if the vehicle is not overweight?
Is a single unit flatbed truck hauling sand with a bed that dumps considered a tire size vehicle? What about a single unit truck transporting sludge in a tank, is this a tire size vehicle?
Does the utility length exception apply to a utility company straight truck-trailer combination transporting a pole?
What is the width limit of an agriculture trailer hauling agriculture products?
Can a trailer that is 57 feet long and not meeting the 41 feet or less king pin setting be issued a permit?
Is a non-stinger steered truck tractor semi-trailer automobile carrier without a load carrying structure on the tractor limited to a 50 foot trailer?
How much overhang may a 40 foot straight truck have transporting a non-divisible load?
If the axle spacing required on a permit is not met, is the permit voided?
What is the maximum length of a trailer in a truck-trailer combination?
Would the distance of the king pin from the rear axles apply to question #25 since the trailer is over 48 feet?

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Title 23: Highways, Part 658 Truck Size and Weight; Route Designations.

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