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Movable Bridge Testing

Testing of movable bridges is generally done after the construction phase of a new bridge or after a structural change to an existing bridge. Testing is also performed, on request, to help evaluate and correct problems with the functioning of a bridge. Typical testing includes: Drive systems force measurements. Bridge open/close cycle performance testing. Bridge balance evaluation and correction.


Special Testing for Movable Bridges

The Bridge Testing Team makes itself available to District Maintenance Offices for troubleshooting testing. Using strain gages and pressure transducers, the forces in girder beams, trunnions, clevis attachments, drive shafts, and hydraulic systems can be measured. These tests are conducted by special request.


Mass Concrete

Mass Concrete is defined as "Any large volume of cast-in-place or Precast concrete with dimensions large enough to require that measures be taken to cope with the generation of heat and attendant volume change to minimize cracking." All mass concrete require the that a temperature control plan be approved by the State Materials Office prior to the placement of any concrete. The temperature control plans for mass concrete are based on models developed in the ACI Manual of Concrete Practice.


Research Projects

At the present time an instrumentation platform is being developed for a study designed to measure concrete shrinkage. The on going Concrete Heat of Hydration Study (heat cans) is being revamped with new hardware and software for logging data and heat control.

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