Instructions for Aggregate Mine Approval


The State Materials Office, Aggregate Control Unit, is assigned the task of initial aggregate source and product approval for Mines and Redistribution Terminals located In-State, Out-of-State, or Out-of-Country.  There are various requirements and procedures for obtaining and maintaining Department source approval. The first step, developing an effective Quality Control Program, begins with a review of the below documents. To obtain a copy of the documents, please click on the appropriate hyperlink or contact the State Materials Office Aggregate Unit at: Phone (352) 955-6600, Fax (352) 955-2940.


Aggregate Source Approval Flowchart [PDF-30KB]

This document is a flowchart which provides an overview of the source approval process.
Rules of the Department of Transportation, Chapter 14-103, Aggregate Source Approval

This document addresses the Scope, Purpose, Definitions, and Source Approval Requirements needed to develop an effective Quality Control Program. - - Please Note: Selecting the above hyperlink will start another instance of your web browser.
Quality Control Program Outline [DOC-427KB] 

This document has been developed to assist in writing a effective Quality Control Program that contains all the information required by the above Rule.  The outline follows the Rule step-by step through 14-103.006 Source Approval Requirements, from the Identification of the Physical Location of the aggregate source through Identification of the aggregate to be produced.
Construction Aggregates Manual  [PDF-1501.39KB] 
   Excel Spreadsheets for Sampling and Testing Frequency

This document contains the sampling and testing frequencies for initial and continuing approval of all types of aggregates such as Fine, Coarse, and Base aggregates.  Additional information includes turn around time for required test results, aggregate compliance limits and standards, approval status requirements, and charts for determining testing frequencies of individual aggregates produced for the Department. - - Please Note: The Construction Aggregates Manual is provided as an Adobe Acrobat PDF files and require the free Acrobat Reader Software.
Instructions for Computer Coding Aggregate Test Data [PDF-912KB]

This booklet is intended to serve as a guide for correctly completing required FDOT aggregate code forms to be submitted to the Department for quality control tests performed.  It includes examples of code forms, which have been correctly filled out for entry into the FDOT aggregate database using the correct codes for items such as material type, sample type, and sample location.  Additional information includes required sieve designations for coarse and fine aggregates. - - Please Note: The Instructions for Coding of Aggregate Test Data for Computerization is provided as an Adobe Acrobat PDF files and require the free Acrobat Reader Software.

Aggregate Independent Assurance Program [PDF-126.18KB] 

This document describes the Independent Assurance (IA) evaluation program for qualified aggregate technicians. The IA program evaluates the performance of the qualified sampling and testing personnel and testing equipment. The program covers sampling procedures, testing procedures, and testing equipment.

Additional Requirements

After obtaining the above documents and developing a draft of a Quality Control Program, the items below will also be needed to process a new source request.  

  1. A letter requesting source approval addressed to the Director, Office of Materials.

  2. The required number of test results according to the type of material to be approved per the Construction Aggregate Manual reported on the appropriate code sheets.