Maintenance Rating Program


The Maintenance Rating Program (MRP) is a a uniform evaluation system for maintenance features on the State Highway System. It's defined as a method of conducting a visual and mechanical evaluation of routine highway maintenance conditions. The purpose of this evaluation is to provide information that should be used to schedule and prioritize routine maintenance activities and provide uniform maintenance conditions that meet established Departmental objectives. General program requirements are outlined in the Maintenance Rating Program procedure, Topic No. 850-065-002.

The Handbook

The Maintenance Rating Program (MRP) handbook is, primarily, for the use of personnel responsible for conducting the Maintenance Rating Program Survey. Training for conducting the survey was provided to initiate the program and additional training will be provided as required. The survey is being conducted on all types of highway facilities. The type of maintenance required determines the classification of a particular facility. The current facility type classifications are as follows:

  • 1. Rural Limited Access
  • 2. Rural Arterial
  • 3. Urban Limited Access
  • 4. Urban Arterial

Each of the Highway Facility types is divided into 5 elements:

  • 1. Roadway
  • 2. Roadside
  • 3. Traffic Services
  • 4. Drainage
  • 5. Vegetation/Aesthetics

Further divisions of these elements include those features that are characteristic to an individual element. For example, the Roadside element is composed of the following characteristics:

  • 1. Unpaved Shoulder
  • 2. Front Slope
  • 3. Slope Pavement
  • 4. Sidewalk
  • 5. Fence

The field worksheet/data processing input coding forms list all characteristics that are to be evaluated in the survey. A sample form is included in the CODING SHEET section of the Maintenance Rating Program (MRP) Handbook:

Supporting Documents

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Summary of Handbook ChangesAdobe PDF64 KB7-14-20
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