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 Frequently Asked Questions

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What option (tile) should I use to submit my request?
How do I know which District I am in?
Where can I locate Florida trucking information?
How can I find out about active and future construction projects in my area?
What does it mean "where workers are present"?
How do I request a traffic signal study on a State Highway?
Does FDOT have a roadside memorial program?
What is the memorial marker program?
How can I report fraud to the Florida Department of Transportation?
How can I get real time traffic information?
How does FDOT decide whether a traffic signal should be installed on a State Highway?
How can I add landscaping to the roadway?
What kinds of impacts can I expect during construction?
How do traffic signals work?
How will construction affect the access to and from my property?
How can I get a road named after a person?
What is NEPA Assignment?
Why do I see so many barrels and cones in construction projects with no visible work in progress?
Who should I contact with a question about an outdoor advertising sign?
What can I do to get safely through a road construction project?
What kind of environmental reviews does FDOT complete for roadway projects?
What does the red arrow mean?
Why does construction take place during the day in some places and at night in other locations?
Why does it take so long to get a traffic signal installed once it is approved?
Why are speed limits sometimes reduced in work zones?
Will traffic signals reduce intersection crashes?
What is the purpose of a traffic signal?
Where can I view the latest letting results?
What is the difference between E-PASS and SunPass?
Where can I view a list of rest areas for the State of Florida?
How do I submit a claim for bodily injury and/or property damage?
Where do I find answers to travel-related questions regarding COVID-19?
Who can I contact if I have a question or concern about a construction project in my area?
How to submit a Public Records Request?