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Surveying & Mapping

Our office leads statewide surveying and mapping efforts through spatial technology expertise in support of Florida's transportation system. We support surveying and mapping activities statewide by providing policies, procedures, guidelines, and training. Our areas of expertise include: Aerial Surveying and Mapping, Location Surveying, Right of Way Mapping, and Geographic Mapping which includes distributing aerial photography, and providing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) support for engineering and operations.

The Surveying & Mapping Office in Tallahassee, provides statewide administrative, product, and service support for Florida's transportation system. This includes the administration of facilities surveys which involves providing policies, procedures, guidelines, and training for all surveying and mapping activities. Our Mission is to lead statewide surveying and mapping efforts through spatial technology expertise in support of Florida's transportation system. Our vision is to be the leader in transportation surveying and mapping through exceptional performance, customer relations and employee satisfaction.

Mobile Surveying & Mapping Group is responsible for both Flight Operations and Photogrammetry. They develop statewide policies, procedures, and standards for aerial surveying products for the department and also acquire and process aerial photography. They support the District Offices in the production of planimetric and topographic mapping and create ortho-rectified and georeferenced imagery and digital terrain models (DTMs). The Aerial Surveying and Mapping group also provide critical support to the State Emergency Response Team by collecting aerial photography for disaster analysis and mapping.

Location Surveying & R/W Mapping Group develops standards and procedures for the performance of the FDOT Group 8 Surveying and Mapping work types. These work types include: Geodetic Control Surveys, Design Surveys, Right of Way Surveys, Photogrammetric Mapping, and Right of Way Mapping. The Location Surveying and R/W Mapping group is also responsible for the qualification of consultants performing Group 8 work types on FDOT Projects. They also provide technical support for Surveying and Mapping CADD related issues as well as field and office survey equipment and related firmware.

District Offices

Each District collects, maintains, and distributes Horizontal and Vertical Control information for their district. District offices also create and distribute Right of Way maps related to FDOT projects in their specific districts.

Click here for a  map of Surveying & Mapping districts and the counties they are serving.

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Surveying & Mapping

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