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Working with the FDOT

There are a number of web sites on the FDOT internet system to assist you. Listed below are FDOT web pages whose contents are directly related to your qualification process and the overall Work Group 8 Surveying and Mapping process and products.

The procurement office staff should be your primary contact for administrative issues concerning your package preparation.

Florida Administrative Code Chapter 14-75 drives the qualification process. Read it completely as different parts of the code apply in different parts of the request process:    Chapter 14-75


For submitting your candidate list, please visit the Procurement Office Professional Services web page.
To submit online application please visit the online Prequalification application page. You can also download a paper copy of Prequalification Form ( Form #375-030-01 PDF (258 KB)) from here.

Frequently Asked Generic Questions:

Procurement Office Staff Contacts:

Work Group 8 - Surveying and Mapping Procedures

Topic No. 550-030-101   Surveying and Mapping Procedure PDF (118 KB)

The following link takes you to the page containing all the above documents. Select by Topic number and download. FDOT Procedure Document Library

There are a number of related procedures included in the actual Surveying and Right of Way Mapping Procedures. You will encounter listings of related procedures on the first few pages of each procedure you read.  To access the related procedures you will need to start at the Front page of the Forms and Procedures Library is as follows:

Work Group 8 - Surveying and Mapping Handbooks and software: Documents & Publications

FDOT Engineering CADD Systems Office provides the FDOT CADD Manual:

Another resource for various handbooks, guides, manuals, standards and spreadsheets is the Office of Design's Publications List. This list has a broad number of topics - many of which will be useful when performing FDOT work - such as the Manual for Uniform Traffic Control - and so forth.

FDOT Safety Procedures

Following is a list of links may be of interest to the consultants working for the Surveying & Mapping Office:

Please remember that just as your goal is to one day become the FDOT "Consultant of Choice" when FDOT projects are being contracted - it is the goal of the Central Office Surveying and Mapping to become your "Consultant of Choice"  when questions concerning FDOT Surveying and Mapping process and product need to be answered.