Florida Permanent Reference Network (FPRN)

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Dynamic Map
    Station status for all FPRN sites (updates every 15 minutes)
Google Earth Overlay
    File of all FPRN stations with links to data sheets (.kmz, 14.6 KB)
Florida Custom Geoid Package FPRNGD16B
   Geoid file for data collectors based on Geoid 12B (zip file, 30 mb)
Florida Custom Geoid Package FPRN18 (zip file 1,115 KB)
    Geoid file for data collectors based on Geoid 18 (zip file, 30 mb)
Geoid 18 data Geoid 18 files of the Conterminous US for specific data collector formats.

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    Manage existing Rinex jobs
Computation Service
    Submit data for computation
FPRN Station Datasheets (PDF)
    Individual Station Information for position at ARP
Superseded Coordinates
    Individual State superseded coordinate information

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        Sign up and receive email notifications of FPRN maintenance and other events.


Customer Service
  FPRN Products
      Listing of Current FPRN Real-Time Products
      Frequently Asked Questions
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