Public Transit Office

This section provides guidance and technical assistance to District Office and transit agency personnel to assist with implementation of Federal and State requirements established to prevent accidents, injuries and fatalities resulting from the misuse of alcohol and use of prohibited drugs by employees who perform safety-sensitive functions.


Direct grantees of FTA Section 5307 and/or 5309 funding and sub-recipients of FTA Section 5311 funding from FDOT must comply with the USDOT and FTA drug and alcohol testing regulations; 49 CFR Parts 40 and 655, respectively. Direct grantees must certify their compliance directly to FTA on an annual basis and are subject to FTA Drug & Alcohol Program Audits. Sub-recipient agencies must certify their compliance annually to FDOT and are subject to the Department’s oversight procedures, in accordance with the Public Transit Substance Abuse Management Procedure 725-030-035, as amended. For resources, including templates, information on training, frequently asked questions, and more, please visit:                         

    Florida Department of Transportation Substance Abuse Resource Site