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Transit Research

The Transit Planning section coordinates with the FDOT Research Office to identify, prioritize and develop public transportation research activities for the State of Florida.  This Office also participates in the sponsorship and annual selection of research projects funded through the National Center for Transportation Research (NCTR) located at the University of South Florida (USF) Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR).  NCTR is funded through the United States Department of Transportation's Research and Special Programs Administration and FDOT to conduct applied and advanced research in the areas of transit and urban mobility.  Links to both research centers' websites are provided below.


Transit Service Planning Software Platform Checklist and Evaluation Form

Toolkit for the Assessment for Safety at Bus Stops

Evaluation of East Gainesville Micro-Mobility

SunRail Phase 2 Property Value Analysis 2020

Assessing the Property Impacts of SunRail Stations 2016

Understanding Ridership Trends in Transit

National Center for Transit Research 

FDOT Research Office - On-Going Research 

FDOT Research Office - Completed Research 

Assessment of the Mobility Energy Productivity (MEP) Metric for Transportation Applications in Florida Final Report