FDOT Emergency Management


FDOT Emergency Management coordinates the agency's overall response to disasters and emergencies affecting Florida's intermodal transportation system. Working closely with FDOT offices and districts, Florida's Turnpike Enterprise, and local, state, and federal partners, FDOT EM delivers operational products and services; creates and participates in planning, training, and exercises; develops, improves, and manages modern electronic tools; produces financial reimbursement packages; and provides situational awareness and incident monitoring twenty-four-hours a day.

When activated for an emergency, the FDOT emergency coordination officer, FDOT EM staff, and other trained personnel work at the State Emergency Operations Center to direct statewide activities in concert with agency and state leadership. In addition to activation operations staffing, FDOT EM provides mission management, meteorological decision support, situational reporting and intelligence, internal and external coordination and communication, and resource tracking.

During non-emergency periods, FDOT EM is responsible for maintaining the agency's continuity of operations and comprehensive emergency management plans, developing after-action reviews, reporting on Tier 2 hazardous materials, making annual updates to damage assessment tools and emergency shoulder use plans, and giving presentations and providing training to agency staff and partners.


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Irene Cabral
Emergency Coordination Officer

Tel: 850-414-5336

605 Suwannee Street, MS 60
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0450

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