FDOT Information Technology Resource Users


Users of FDOT information technology resources must acknowledge that compliance with security requirements are mandatory. Users are held responsible for information security to the degree of his or her access and use of the Department's information technology resources. Fulfillment of security responsibilities are mandatory, and executive agencies are authorized to enforce compliance with security responsibilities.

Each user with access to Departmental resources agrees that they have been authorized as an individual and that all access must be used exclusively by that individual. IMPORTANT: Although the FDOT is accepting digital signatures for many documents and contracts, we are currently not able to accept them as a part of requests for access to our network and IT resources. It is our direction that in the future we will be able to incorporate this technology in our processes. Until we reach that point, written signatures are required.



DMS VPN Access Request DocuSign PowerForm

Acceptable Use Agreement Form

Instructions for Consultants Completing the Acceptable Use Agreement

Instructions for future FDOT Employees Completing the Acceptable Use Agreement



IT Policies and Statutes

Security Coordinators

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