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Do I need to be prequalified? Am I a Sub Contractor or a Prime Contractor?
What if I'm a Prime Contractor who wants to bid on a job that's less than $250,000?
I want to bid as a Prime Contractor but I am not prequalified and the estimated amount is more than $250,000, but my bid will be less than $250,000, can I bid?
How do I register with My Florida Marketplace? Why do I need to do this?
How do I find out about advertised projects?
I need a Bidder's List for an advertised project.
I'm new to bidding FDOT projects. How do I complete my bid?
How do I obtain the FDOT Standard Specification for Road and Bridge Construction?
When are bid tabulations available on the website?
When does posting happen?
How long does it take before letting results are posted on the website?
Our company has never applied for prequalification, can we apply anytime during the year?