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Florida Law (Chapter 337.14 F.S.) And Rules of the State of Florida, Department of Transportation, (Chapter 14-22, F.A.C.) require contractors to be prequalified with the Department in order to bid for the performance of road, bridge, or public transportation construction contracts greater than $250,000.00.

Prequalification is accomplished by utilizing the Contractor Prequalification Application System (CPQ).  Applicants should read Chapter 337.14 F.S. and Rule 14-22 F.A.C. to review for compliance prior to completing the application.

Information for prequalification to bid contracts other than road, bridge, or public transportation construction (such as professional services or commodities) can be found at the Florida Department of Transportation Procurement Office.

The annual Contractor Prequalification process for construction contractors establishes the approved work classes and maximum capacity rating (MCR) for each successful applicant.  A Certificate of Qualification is issued which lists the approved work classes and provides instructions for online access to the Maximum Capacity Rating in dollars.

All corporations, LLCs, limited and general partnerships, LLPs and LLLPs wishing to do business within the State of Florida must register with the Florida Department of State at the following web site:  This registration is renewed annually.  An active registration is required before a certificate of qualification can be issued.

All vendors wishing to do business with any State agency must register at the following web site: My Florida Market Place.  The vendor number assigned to the firm as a result of this registration should be provided at time of Application submittal and is required before a certificate of qualification can be issued.

Prequalification is not required for the following:

  1. To bid as a prime contractor on projects of $250,000 or less
  2. To bid as a subcontractor in any amount
  3. To bid on buildings (A general contractor's license is required for this type of project)
  4. To bid on maintenance contracts

Chapter 14-22 Contractors-Highway - Qualification to Bid (This page will open in a new browser window)

Contractor Prequalification News
Effective July 1, 2023, applicants seeking prequalification to bid on road and bridge construction projects less than $2,000,000 can apply by submitting financial statements "Reviewed" by a Certified Public Accountant.  All other requirements of Rule 14-22, F.A.C. still apply.  Therefore, the application and financial statements must be submitted within 4 months of the applicant's fiscal year end.  Applications must be submitted online via the following link:
FDOT Contractor Prequalification Application 


Current List of FDOT Prequalified Contractors

Contractor Prequalification Application


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Additional Work Class Information

List of Prequalification Work Classes  (PDF)

Additional Documentation Requirements:

Acrobat Reader is required to view/print PDF files.  If you do not have Acrobat Reader you can download it free at Get Acrobat Reader.