CPQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Can I use a copy of the old (paper) application to apply for prequalification?No, the electronic application must be used to apply for prequalification.
2.) When will I know the decision of the Department concerning my application for prequalification?The Department will render a decision within 30 days of receipt of a complete Application.
3.) Can I give the log-in password to several people in my office?While you can share your password, it is not recommended that you do so for security reasons.
4.) Is the temporary password that is sent to my email case-sensitive?Yes, the password is case-sensitive. For convenience, you can copy & paste the password from your email into the password box.
5.) Is the MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP), on-line registration the same as the on-line Application for Qualification?No, they are two separate processes. A firm, however, must have a MFMP Vendor Number to become prequalified.
6.) When do I submit the work underway information?Although there is no specific "date due" for this report, all contractors must submit it once every 30 days.  The "Status of Contracts as of" schedule must show work underway no more than 30 days prior to the date of the submission. 
7.) How can I submit the work underway information?First, a company must set up an Internet Subscriber Account (ISA), a company using the ISA can access the on-line Application for Qualification as well as the Certification of Work Underway Screen. A company can have an ISA for the Application and an additional ISA for another user for the Certification of Work Underway Screen. Details for establishing an ISA are contained in the Instructions for Completing the Application.

8.) The person in charge of handling our prequalification has left the company. How do we add someone else to handle our prequalification?

First, you or your company must establish an ISA account if you don't have one. Second, you must contact the Contracts Administration Office at (850) 414-4000 at make us aware of the transition. Additional documentation maybe required for verification purposes.
9.) How long can my password be?Your password can be a maximum of 8 characters.
10.) Can I upload my Financial Statements to the online applicationYes, The Financial Statements must be in PDF format. It is suggested that a copy of the Financial Statements be requested from your CPA in PDF format.
11.) What is the difference between submitting an audited financial statement and reviewed financial statement?

Beginning July 1, 2023, a contractor applying to prequalify to bid on road and bridge construction projects less than  $2,000,000 may submit "reviewed" financial statements instead of "audited" financial statements.  Both are prepared by a CPA, both are subject to the same due date and submission rules, and both must include the following components to be considered complete:  balance sheet, income statement, statement of retained earnings, statement of cash flows, and notes.  Audited financial statements are accompanied by an "opinion."  Reviewed financial statements are accompanied by a letter called a review report.