This Office also administers the 17 Construction Self Study Courses and exams.  Copies of the self-study manuals are available from the Department’s Maps and Publications Office. 

The 17 self-study courses are:

1. Construction Math 
2. Construction Plans Reading 
3. Pipe Placement 
4. Portland Cement Concrete 
5. Hot Mix Asphalt Paving Inspection 
6. Hot Mix Asphalt Plant Inspection 
7. Hot Mix Asphalt Testing Inspection 
8. Structures I 
9. Structures II 
10. Utility Relocation, Clearing and Grubbing 
11. Earthwork/Density 
12. Subgrade and Base 
13. Tutorial Program 
14. Landscape Inspection 
15. Critical Structures Construction Issues 
16. Auger Cast Pile CBT 
17. MSE Wall CBT 

Contractor or Consultant employees are strongly encouraged to learn the information contained in the self-study courses, but only FDOT employees will be given the written examinations. 

FDOT employees can contact one of the nine DCTAs or the State Construction Training Administrator 850-414-4492 for a written exam.